A Picture of Health

Guest Post by Dena Davis: She enjoys inspiring people and challenging them to get the most out of their life through healthy, fit living. She recently started “Get There Boot Camp” classes at Lake Eola. You can follow her facebook @ www.facebook.com/GetThereBootCamp.

Old Photos, Fitness, HealthA Picture of Health

I went home for Thanksgiving and while helping my dad clean out storage, I came across photos of myself from several years back. I laughed, I cried. They reminded me how far I’ve come with my goals — and of goals I STILL have yet to reach.

Looking at old photos can be an emotional experience, yes. But it can also be a wonderful exercise for those trying to lose weight and be healthier!

Revisiting photos can give you visual confirmation of how weight gain occurs gradually over the years. Frequently we don’t even realize it has happened. Seeing ourselves looking more svelte than we currently are can be a fantastic motivator! Yes, you’ve gotten older and aged a bit, but that should not stop you from getting the most out of your body now and returning to a healthy state again, even reversing the damage you’ve done! Don’t just reminisce about that great body you used to have — actually get it again. It will take hard work, perseverance and time. But that time will pass anyway, so why not dedicate yourself to being the best you can be, rather than just going through the motions? Take control of your body, your health. Take back YOU.

Find the best old photo of you — when you were in great shape, happy, healthy, etc. Then put it next to your worst one, a current photo. Print them out. Post them on your mirror to look at every day. Use them in a vision board. At first, it might be tough — even painful — to acknowledge how you’ve let yourself go. But you need to be aware. You need to be shocked. You need to revive your health now. It’s time to change.

Don’t wait until the New Year. Decide today that you want to be a picture of health in 2012! Get started today and you’ll already be ahead of the game and on your way to the new and improved you as you ring in 2012. CAN YOU PICTURE IT?

Take steps today to GET THERE tomorrow:

RUN A RACE:  Sign up today for the December 10th Track Shack Reindeer Run at Sea World and/or the December 17th Arthritis Foundation Jingle Bell 5K at Baldwin Park. Setting reasonable goals like running/walking a short-distance race will help you stay focused and give you something to look forward to, while also holding you accountable. And during the holidays when fattening foods and sweet treats abound, you need all the help you can get.

TAKE UP A NEW SPORT: Have you always wanted to try yoga? Maybe boxing? What about surfing? It can be intimidating to try something different if you’re afraid you won’t know what you’re doing. But forget about being embarrassed, you have to start somewhere! And I bet you won’t be the only newbie there. Taking up a new sport will get you out of a plateau, shake up your exercise routine and give you confidence to keep moving forward with your fitness goals.

SIGN UP FOR CLASSES: Log onto to Groupon Orlando or Living Social Orlando today and search for fitness classes. Find a great deal on a package and DO IT. Maybe try an outdoor fitness boot camp for a great full-body workout. Ask your friends and family to sign up with you. Save money, lose weight. Win-win! Also, going to classes will hold you accountable, where you’ll meet other like-minded healthy people who can motivate you.

BUY A PHOTO ALBUM: Once you’ve lost weight and reached your health and fitness goals, you’ll need a fresh place to put those future photos. Similar to buying that bikini you’d like to wear one day, display your new album where can see it every day and let it to motivate you.

Picture yourself there. Believe you can do it. Get there.

Join me at Boot Camp, Dena