Dear Food Diary… Say, Cheese!

Guest Post by Dena Davis: She enjoys inspiring people and challenging them to GET THERE with their fitness goals, helping them get the most out of their life through healthy living. She recently started “Get There Boot Camp” classes at Lake Eola. You can follow her facebook @ And on Twitter:

Food Diary PhotoDear Food Diary… Say Cheese!

Keeping a food diary is one of the best ways to track your diet and be held accountable for every morsel you consume. But more often than not, you forget to write it all down through out the day. It’s difficult to get into the habit of carrying a notebook and pen with you for every meal and snack. However, most people always have their phone nearby…

Try clicking a pic with your phone of every thing you eat right before you enjoy them — and that means EVERY thing. Even that package of orange peanut-butter crackers from the vending machine, even that bite-sized candy bar you grabbed from the dish on your co-worker’s desk. A tiny peppermint candy cane? Click a pic! And don’t forget to take a snapshot of your beverages too. Those tasty coffee drinks can hide all kinds of calories, as well as those cocktails, wine and beer. A few glasses and they add up.

At the end of the day, examine your photos and write down all you ate, evaluating whether you made healthy choices that day. Documenting your food visually not only helps you count calories, it keeps you focused on putting good things in your body. Remember, you really ARE what you eat. And soon, after exercise and eating right, photos of yourself will truly reflect pictures of your diet: Healthy!

Now is the best time to improve your eating habits. We are just three weeks out from the New Year! Get a head start. And if you’d like to share with others, you can TWEET WHAT YOU EAT! Use the hashtag #GetThere2012. Let’s get there!

Join me at Boot Camp, Dena