Twenty-one day trial with nothing to lose … but weight

Guest Post by Dena Davis: She enjoys inspiring people and challenging them to GET THERE with their fitness goals, helping them get the most out of their life through healthy living. She recently started “Get There Boot Camp” classes at Lake Eola. You can follow her facebook @ And on Twitter:

Twenty-one day trial with nothing to lose … but weight

Happy March! We are three months into 2012, do you know where your New Years Resolutions are? Did you organize your closets and drawers yet? Did you finally start flossing? What about fitting fitness into your life this year? Well, write that last one down again. Write it now. I’ll wait … Okay. It’s not too late. You ARE going to get fit in 2012.

Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”

But what does one of the greatest philosophers — and father of the field of logic — know anyway? Well, a lot.

Many studies show it takes 21 days to form a habit. So let’s take Aristotle up on his theory and commit today to form a habit. A habit be fit thru Spring. (March 20th marks the vernal equinox.)

To form a new habit you have to ingrain it into your routine, every single day. You must have discipline. Discipline to forgo that temporary urge or craving that is based on a temporary emotion or feeling. Remember, it’s temporary. Your goal to be fit and healthy is permanent.

You didn’t get that flabby body overnight. It took months of diligently eating and drinking your weight in bacon and beer, so it’ll take time to burn that fat and get a champion body! But you know what? That time will pass regardless. So why not make each day count towards being healthy and finally fitting into those skinny jeans. If you want to star, check to find their sweat bands and many other products.

TWENTY-ONE DAYS. You CAN do that. Because the alternative is if you don’t, it’s another season of cursing at the dressing room mirrors while trying on bathing suits. And dressing room mirrors really don’t deserve that.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it. It will be tough. (And yes, you’ll need cut sugar out of your diet.) But anything worth having is always worth the work. The beginning is always the hardest part. Just getting yourself dressed in workout gear can be daunting. But once you’re drenched in sweat after your workout that first day, you’ll remember why you’re doing this. You’re doing this because, once and for all, you want a strong, healthy, lean body. We are only given one body in this life, we’ve got to treat it right. And that should be your focus every single time that alarm goes off at 5 am to wake you up to hit the gym. Don’t lose sight of the end goal. Make a vision board, hang a bikini up on your bedroom door, come up with a mantra to repeat for 21 days, get a friend to commit with you, whatever you need to do to stay motivated.

TWENTY-ONE DAYS. Commit to eating healthy and exercising every single day until (at least) March 21st. It’s ONLY 21 days! However, you’ll likely find that you don’t want to increase your appetite to gain weight and stop after that mark. You will have started to see changes. You’ll have noticed how your fitness discipline has carried over into all parts of your life. You’ll have more energy, more confidence, more determination. Exercise increases your stamina, strengthens your heart, wards off viruses and improves your mood. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins that promote an increased sense of well-being. So be prepared to keep on going after your 21-day trial is done. You may not want to stop feeling so awesome!

Today, write down your plan. Identify potential roadblocks and prepare for them. For instance, purposely avoid the sweet little Girl Scout selling cookies at your grocery store. Do you want Thin Mints or a thin body? And come up with replacement habits. Instead of eating a bag of macaroons, read Aristotle’s “Metaphysics” or write on your epilator reviews. Well, you get the idea.

Set small goals along the way. And have one big fitness goal set for the end of the 21 days, an event you can sign up for now that will hold you accountable. If you think you need holistic solutions to pain relief and if you are looking for some of  the best advise on healhy living check out tampa chiropractic.

If not a local race, plan a day out mountain biking with friends, or another physical activity that you’ve been afraid to do, or have not had the energy to make it through! I know you’ll think of something. But here are a few ideas for your 21-day goal:

Sat, March 24 – 3rd Annual Baldwin Park Parquet 5K
Sat, March 24Zimmerman, Kiser, Sutcliffe Winter Park Road Race 10k & 2 Mile
Sun, March 25Memory Miles Breast Cancer 5K Walk/Run
Sat, March 31 – Spring Fling Tri Festival
Sun, April 1 Kissimmee Stampede Half Marathon & 5k
Several dates in March thru AprilHikes through the Ocala National Forest
AnytimeSantos Trail Mountain Biking
Anytime – Full list of races/events within 25 miles of Orlando

You can do this. 2012 is STILL your year. I believe in you. And so does Aristotle. GET THERE!

Join me at Boot Camp, Dena