Chef Food Stamp Challenge Central Florida

It’s Hunger Action Month

This September, Central Florida Chefs are taking the Second Harvest Food Stamp Challenge.

Increasingly, the public has been looking towards chefs to set an example for good and healthy eating in our country. Due to this fact, these local chefs are participating in our SNAP Challenge to help increase exposure to the SNAP program as well as shed light on the necessity of it.


See who is in… More soon! 


Outlines for the Challenge:

1.         Please choose a day in September to participate in the Challenge.

2.         You will have $6.67 to spend on food for an entire day. This is the equivalent to the amount a person that receives food stamps has for each day.

3.         Do not accept free food from friends or family members.

4.         Do not use food that you already had in your home (common spices and condiments are allowed).

5.         Following the Challenge we will send you a question/answer survey to fill out which will be part of our blog about the Challenge.

6.         Be willing to be interviewed by media about this Challenge if requested.


This challenge is an important way to show the public how important the SNAP program is to so many low income individuals right here in Central Florida. I have attached a letter explaining the challenge a little more. Please let me know if this is something you’d be interested in participating in.