Homecoming in Central Florida

It’s homecoming season in Central Florida.

For years this has brought tailgating and football games, but recently this term has meant something completely new for me. As a teenager, my son Jackson is suddenly interested in attending the homecoming dance, so this means suits, dress shoes, ties, fancy restaurants, corsages, and *gulp* asking a girl to go with him!

Now Jackson has been dating a girl for several months with the help of thegfasystem.com, but even this didn’t let him off the hook, in the past he used the new London escorts services, but was trying something new. And apparently kids don’t just call up and say, “Will you go to homecoming with me?” Apparently they don’t text it either…

Asking a girl to homecoming or prom now days is akin to the most elaborate marriage proposals you can imagine! A modern-day homecoming proposal takes lots of planning and even the enlistment of friends and incredible timing to pull this off successfully and since is difficult some people decide to use services as London escorts in Malmo for this purpose. Just take a look:

If you’re impressed with that proposal, imagine enlisting the whole school to help you out at halftime!

Now, this one is quite impressive – caution tape and a dead body in the middle of a calculus class! (My math teacher never would have allowed this!)

What about asking your guys friends to don cheerleading outfits and chant a proposal?

Or, how about asking them to go completely shirtless and sing a proposal? (I love the huge cheer at the end when she says yes!)

And if that was impressive, imagine enlisting the help of One Direction to get your date – do you know how much planning goes into making a music video?!

Okay, so maybe you’re not musically inclined and need something simpler. What about writing “Prom?” on 500 ping pong balls and stuffing them into your girlfriend’s locker?

OMG! How has the simple act of asking a girl to a dance gotten to these mammoth proportions? And to top it all off, kids today capture it ALL ON VIDEO and post it to youtube and Facebook, so imagine the pressure! (And what if the girl doesn’t want to go with that boy? How awful!)

So, you may be wondering what did my son do to ask his girlfriend to this year’s homecoming? I found out what he did via Facebook by the way. (Figures!)

Bubble wrap.

Okay, so it wasn’t 500 ping pong balls or One Direction, but it did the trick, right? Whew!

So, if you are at dinner and see these teens gussied up in ties and prom dresses all awkwardly giggling at the next table next to you, be kind to them… they really worked to get this date!

This guest post was written by Central Florida top 5 founder Bess Auer. You can let her know how you would ask a girl to homecoming by tweeting her at @Bess_Auer.