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Beyond the Yellow Boat – Children in the Philippines have to swim to school…



“FB Stories, People Using Facebook in Extraordinary ways”

When I first heard of Facebook Stories I was kinda turned off- thinking this is really a rippoff of  NPR’s This American Life.

And maybe it is it but has to do all with Facebook and is expected to be huge!

If you know me you know that I have the internet for good and love social networking for good and join in campaigns to help vs hinder!

Check out this amazing story :

When a high-school athlete was blamed for a losing season, his entire school had his back. See how his classmates turned something as common as their profile pictures into an extraordinary act of support.

Learn more @ http://www.facebookstories.com/

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Stories is now accepting submissions from people who’ve used Facebook to accomplish something that wouldn’t have been possible before Facebook. We’re looking for extraordinary, touching or surprising stories on any kind of topic—from memory, to love, to childhood. To get an idea of what we’re after, take a look at our past Stories. If your story is chosen, it will appear in our next installment.  HERE