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PHANTASMAGORIA III “Something TRULY Wicked this way Comes. . . .”

“Phantasmagoria III” has a stunning degree of visual flair, and not just from the almost rapid-fire interplay between the actors and the marionettes. The ceiling lights up with graphics that set the scene for us – the landscapes that the tales are set in — while other performers lurk stealthily behind the audience, startling us with an unexpected sound or movement.
We’ve sailed into a magical world of fantasy that proves to be astonishingly gripping, exciting and humorous at times – and still has the ability at times to chill us. . .it’s hypnotic in the remarkable worlds the performers create for us on the stage. – Michael Freeman,

“Phantasmagoria III” is a theatrical world of its own design, unique in theme and boundlessly creative as a manifestation of fantasy-horror in a bizarre assemblage. – James Tutten

DiDonna Productions and The Empty Spaces Theatre Co(llaboration), is proud to present the third original installment in their Macabre Halloween Celebrations
PHANTASMAGORIA III  “Something TRULY Wicked this way Comes. . . .”

DiDonna Productions/The Empty Spaces Theatre Co is proud to be presenting PHANTASMAGORIA III – “Something TRULY Wicked this Way Comes” – to celebrate the 2012 Halloween Season.

With the success of the past two year’s installment’s – as well as special events and appearances including the Orlando Public Library, The Art and History Museums Maitland, and this years “Red Chair Affair” at the Bob Carr – PHANTASMAGORIA III returns to the Lowndes Shakespeare Center with all new stories, and all new large scale puppetry – interacting with live actors, fantastical dance and haunting storytelling!

Join us as we journey through tales as diverse as Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Tell Tale Heart”, Sir Walter Scott’s ‘The Wild Hunstman”, the horribly real (yet incredibly funny) legend of London’s “Spring Heeled Jack”, and many others including tales of menacing werewolves, hilariously dancing bones, romantic promises of love that last eerily beyond the grave . . . and a rare and terrifying public domain work of H. P. Lovecraft!

The cast is filled with some of Central Florida’s very best returning again to chill our hearts and freeze our souls – including storytellers, Cameron Gagne, Samantha O’Hare, Trenell Mooring, John DiDonna, Josh Geoghagan and Chris Prueitt. The ensemble features wonderful and devious chorus members, puppeteers and dancers – Matthew Carroll, Ashley Kroft, Mila and Gina Makarova, Stephen Lee Marion, Serafina Schiano, Dion Smith, Amy Tattersal, Susan Woodbury, along with newcomers Parris Baker, Cherise James, Jill Lockhart and Jean Marie Glazer – all of whom bring these tales to terrifying life (and death!).

Under the direction of John DiDonna, with additional direction by Kevin G. Becker, Alex Richmond, Seth Kubersky and Chris Prueitt, the choreography of Mila Makarova, fight direction by Bill Warriner, and with all new original music by Tod Kimbro, Empty Spaces presents us with a truly “Phantasmagorical” way to spend a macabre and whimsical Halloween!

Tickets are $15 – $20 and can be reserved by calling 407.328.9005 (will call cash at door) or credit card orders online at starting the beginning of October. Like on Facebook @

*** CENTRAL FLORIDA TOP 5 DISCOUNT! (Cannot be combined with other offers – two for one based on $20.00 general ticket price only)

TWO for ONE limited to 10 pairs of tickets a night of performance!

Give the code “Spring Heeled Jack” when calling (407) 328-9005 for reservations. Good only cash at door (with reservation)


10 shows remaining! Oct  18, 19, 20, 21, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 and 31st

Special shows Monday Oct 29th and Halloween show on the 31st!