SeaWorld Florida is the place to be on Weekends in October!

SeaWorld Florida is the place to be on weekends in October.

Trick or Treat Halloween Spooktacular for the price of admission to the entire park.

Seaport Theater: Count Von Count is at the Seaport Theater with his Sesame Friends. The stage decorations are pumpkins, witches flying, ghosts, and fun. The story, songs, and dancing are enjoyable for everyone. The lighting is ideal for creating the ambiance of Halloween.

Underwater Fantasea  path

Treat Stations all along the Underwater Fantasea  path. Find new characters Hammer Head Shark and Mantra Ray and delight in the stilt walkers. Love all the characters and the costumes. Children dress up in costume.

Have fun and explore the treat stations often, suggested Muffett Baker, Entertainment Manager for SeaWorld. SeaWorld gives out treat bags to collect candy from the treat stations. Enjoy Junior Mints, raisins, M&Ms, twislers, and lots of other treats.

Photos with characters is easy along the path. This year Shamu has his own space along the path instead of at Penelope’s where other characters may be found. The pictures will be part of the pre-show at Shamu stadium in the evening.

Bubble machines are everywhere. Love the bubbles and the children chasing the bubbles are part of a fantabulous day.

Penelope’s  Party Zone: Floating jellies, dancing pumpkins, coloring stations, crafts, and a DJ for dancing. Penelope’s is shaded and fun for all ages with storytelling intermixed with dancing. Make sand art or decorate an apple. Easily spend hours here watching children color SeaWorld drawings or dance with the pumpkins. Love all their costumes!

Additional Cost items: Games of chance, where each child wins a prize are $3, Spooktacular Merchandise with distinctive Halloween bags, hats, and trinkets. Face Painting Caricatures. Sea Snacks. Special Breakfast with the Count, Elmo and their friends

The rides are available and can be enjoyed, in addition to the Halloween celebration. Catch Blue Horizons for a dazzling high energy show with dolphins, water acrobats, and birds. The show is a must do – not to missed!

As a member of the media, we received a Snack to decorate of either an apple covered in Carmel or rice crispy treat. My pick was an apple. As soon as I sat down with it, a mother came over to find out where I got the Carmel Apple.

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