A&R Southern Talent Expo Visits Orlando



Mark your calendars on October 20th 2012 at 1:00PM-5:00PM for the Meet-N-Greet with PlayPro Media‘s A&R Representative! This is your chance to participate in PlayPro Media‘s workshop to Explode Your Fan Base.

The Meet-and-Greet will take place at the The Lofts Orlando Property.

After you sign up, more instructions will be sent via email to ensure your music is reviewed by the PlayPro Media staff in our Kennesaw headquarters. We strongly encourage artists to post their content in our social hub to promote within our online music community of artists, fans, and music lovers.

Artists that sign up BEFORE October 1st will receive an interview time, scheduled at random to meet with the PlayPro Media executives. Artists that sign up AFTER October 1st will be interviewed on a first come basis. All artists need to report THIRTY MINUTES prior to your interview time for check-in procedures.

On the day of the Meet-N-Greet, all artists need to report to the The Lofts Orlando Property with a clearly labeled demo CD of ONE recorded song. After completing the registration process, artists will have the opportunity to meet with a PlayPro Media executive for FIVE MINUTES.

After reviewing all submitted material, the executive panel will select two-five artists to participate in a Talent Expo Workshop, catered to the needs of each artist involved. The final selection will be announced the first week of January 2013 via online streaming.

From there, the chosen artists will participate in a three month workshop-style artist development program to improve an artist’s career in the areas of production, marketing, management, booking, and public relations. Our Talent Expo Workshop will consist of custom made marketing plans designed to suit the needs of each artist and are written by music executives while being driven by students studying various fields of the music business.

After completion of the 3 month workshop one selected artist will be given the opportunity to produce a professional recording and market the recording throughout a selected region within PlayPro Media’s college community through our partnership with Education Reality.

The final selected artist will be chosen based on the following criteria:
Communication Abilities
Promotional Tactics
Media Content
Current Fan Base
Musical Style