Decorate Your Apartment or Home for Fall on a Budget

I recently moved here to Orlando from St.Pete for a new job… Once I signed the lease on my brand new apartment from The City Suites, I knew I immediately had to start from scratch with decorating it. A fun, yet stressful task, let me tell you!  With the holidays coming up I knew I had the advantage of using Fall, Pinterest and my creativity to benefit this new space. I pinned and pinned and once my apartment was coming together I realized there were some minor details missing. So off to Pinterest I went for more inspiration. All I needed was an empty bottle, fake flowers & some twine, ribbon and burlap.



What I had:

Empty beer bottles, empty wine bottles & a glue gun

What I bought from Hobby Lobby:

Ribbon, Twine, Lace, Burlap, Fake flowers & Eucalyptus leaves.


I took the bottles and soaked the labels off of them in my sink with hot water and dish soap. Once they were clean I cut some burlap, lace and ribbon to fit around the bottle. I glued them around the perimeter, added the flowers and then found a cute accent to glue to the front. All in all, the craft took about five minutes to complete once your supplies are together. I’m always up for a cheap, easy and fun craft!


The decorated bottle makes the perfect addition to my guest bathroom and makes my place feel even more homey. I love it. I can’t wait post again soon about other ways I’m using items around my house to decorate my new apartment! I had to make sure everything was in perfect condition in the guest room since I’m getting a few visitors soon. I called over an electrician to fix the ceiling fan and a plumber from to make sure the bathroom toilet and sink are working.


About Jordan: Jordan Rothwell writes for, the fastest way to find your Orlando apartment. She loves all things DIY and decorating and is quickly becoming an expert in turning trash into treasure.