Titanic… The Experience on I-Drive

Guest Post by SeaWorld Mommy


Titanic the Exhibition in Orlando FloridaTitanic… The Experience, located on International Drive, Orlando, has over 400 unique pieces of Titanic memorabilia and 100 authentic artifacts recovered from the ill-fated liner. Visitors can take a guided tour, led by talented actors in period costume, through 17 galleries of the 20,000 square ft. interactive museum. Of special note is the “little big piece,” a 3-ton piece of Titanic’s hull, on display for the first time.

Visitors can view the full-scale recreations of Titanic’s Grand Staircase, a first class cabin, the Verandah Café and the Promenade deck. In addition, they have the opportunity to stand on a mock ship’s bow in front of a green screen for their very own “King of the World” re-creation.

As a follower to “all things Titanic,” I visited “The Experience” with great anticipation. I’ve been to exhibitions in Vegas, Orlando (the previous one at Mercado) and St. Petersburg (more than once!). We even hosted a “Titanic History Day” on the 100th anniversary of the sinking for friends and family where we dressed in period costume and had age-appropriate learning stations. (*Read about our big day here.) 

The tour took about an hour, although for those with serious interest might feel a bit rushed. (I have a collection of… oh maybe 50 Titanic well-read books as well as a dozen or so videos/DVDs, so I wanted to read every placard.) Most everyone I spoke with, however, felt they saw plenty. We all enjoyed seeing the artifacts and getting a “glimpse” of what it may have been that fateful night 100 years ago.

If you’re into history with a side of spooky, Titanic… The Experience offers ghost tours most Thursdays (check their website for exact times and dates). Paranormal experts believe spirits attach themselves to objects they last touched, or ones nearby where there was intense emotion at time of death. Either theory may explain the “activity” experienced on site. For a less “haunting” event, attend the dinner shows where a cast of 6-8 entertains and educates while you dine.

I recommend Titanic… The Experience for history buffs, Titanic aficionados, and those who know only what they saw in the blockbuster film. It’s a beautiful museum with a personal touch.