Orlando Jobs hosts Largest Diversity Job Fair in Florida!

More than 4,000 current job openings will be showcased to jobseekers at the third annual Florida Blue, Florida Classic Career Expo & Diversity Job Fair in Orlando on November 16 at the Amway Center (11am-3pm), put on by OrlandoJobs.com. These job openings represent more than 75 employers in a variety of industries, and include many professional, high-paying and diverse positions. In addition, the Career Expo will include five powerful seminars by career experts on topics including power interviewing, the 2013 resume must haves, LinkedIn tips to find jobs others can’t, discovering your career path and job search strategies for senior professionals and executives. The job fair and all seminars are free for jobseekers. Many of these people don´t know that they can get help from the employment law solicitors gloucester if they ever run in the employment troubles.

“Florida companies are hiring, and this job fair is specifically designed for people who want to find real jobs with real salaries from over 75 well known Florida companies,” states Roger Lear, President and CEO of OrlandoJobs.com.

Jobseekers can sign up for free at OrlandoJobs.com/jobfair. The full list of those 4,000 current open positions includes jobs in education, healthcare, IT, hospitality, engineering, sales and construction, as well as bilingual positions. Bright House, Chase Card Services and Kangaroo Express are the top sponsors. Many employers such as Orlando Health, Florida Blue, Home Depot, Orlando County Public Schools, Convergys, City of Orlando, Embry Riddle Aeronautical, Orlando VA Hospital, Universal Orlando, Verizon Wireless, McDonalds, and 60 other companies are attending. Companies can register for the event at orlandojobs.com/diversity.

“The job fair is a classic way for businesses and jobseekers to meet, but with the unemployment at 8.7% in Florida, jobseekers have been frustrated applying online and never getting any response. The Florida Blue, Florida Classic Career Expo & Diversity Job Fair is the one single event that showcases some of the state’s finest companies in the pursuit of great diversified candidates.”

Planned around the weekend of the Florida Classic football match-up between Bethune-Cookman University and Florida A&M University, organizers of the November 16th event are also donating sixty percent of the proceeds from booth revenue to a scholarship fund that is split between the two schools. Thus, there is a possibility to apply for law scholarships or any other type and category of scholarships.

Educations Sessions

FREE Career Education Sessions by Expert Career Coaches and Career Professionals.

All career sessions are aimed at one thing and one thing only…helping you get the job you want or upgrading your current job.  Our experts will give you the real information on what is working for job seekers and what is a complete waste of time.  Is your resume even needed anymore? Where are the 75% of jobs that are not advertised?  What are 5 things you need to do in an interview without fail to make sure you don’t get discounted?  Are experts will answer these questions and more.

All classes run 35 minutes and exact times will be announced November 2, 2012.

All career classes are FREE and will take place on the same concourse as the career fair. (MAP TO BE PROVIDED)

Click here to download a PDF version of the job class schedule

11:25- 12:00    Power Interviewing: Present the Strongest, Most Marketable YOU!
GETTING the job and DOING the job are completely different skills.  In today’s competitive marketplace, when you finally land an interview, you have a significant advantage by customizing your “sell” through an understanding of Real Communication to meet the company’s exact needs you can visit the https://www.colinjamesmethod.com.au/ website and find all interview communication skill information.  This session will help you present a memorable, distinctive first impression by utilizing interview subtext, the power of customized success stories and authoritative non-verbal language.  Prepare to develop confidence! SPEAKER:  Lisa Maile, Lisa Maile Seminars & Coaching
12:10- 12:45    Seven Ways to ENERGIZE Your Resume!
Are you confident you can land interviews for the jobs you want? Do you know what content to include and omit from your resume? Do you know how to build a resume that will be compelling and competitive in today’s difficult hiring market? In “Seven Ways to Energize Your Resume,” Andrew Pearl, a recognized resume/interview expert will explore proven techniques to make your resume more employer-focused and persuasive. Andrew will cover the most effective resume content, structure, verbiage, and strategies that will put you on the track to realizing your career goals. SPEAKER: Andrew Pearl, CPRW & CEO Precision Resumes, Inc.
12:55-1:30      Job Search Strategies for Senior Professionals and Executives
Tired of applying to jobs and never hearing back from the employer and you are sure you can do the job?  It isn’t your skills stopping you; it is your job search strategy.  Your experience is on the job, not getting the job.  Robert is an expert in job search strategy and this session is a must if you want to know how to position your job search.  SPEAKER: Robert Newland, President Newland Associates
1:40- 2:15       What REALLY works on LinkedIn to find and get jobs and brand yourself
This session is very powerful for those who want to know the REAL way to use LinkedIn during a job search.  How do you contact hiring authorities for jobs you find in LinkedIn? What do all the new features mean in your job search (skills, endorsements, recommendations, keywords, etc.)? This is a must attend session for those who truly want to unmask the power of LinkedIn and learn the top 5 things you NEED to know to make you stand out. SPEAKER: Howie Appel, CEO ProNet
2:25-2:55        Discovering Your Career Path! 
We cannot control the circumstances that happen around us. The only thing we have control of is our attitude.  You will encounter moments of joy and moments of sadness.  It’s those moments of joy that propel us.  They propel us to find our purpose.  Then, and only then do we make our impact on the world.  Serve others, and put others first.  Don’t stop believing. Great careers are yours to have! SPEAKER: Maro Onokpise, Founder Jobtrakr.com