Orlando VIP Treatment at The Spa

Massages are food for the soul while painting nails is for the color

For those in the upscale neighborhood of College Park, Florida their thirst for Greentoes massage can be satisfied at The Spa. This is a cozy place with many services for your body’s health. The Spa is at 2626 Edgewater Drive Orlando Florida.

The ease of parking behind The Spa facility made access extremely convenient. Upon entering the Facility, getting a tour was fabulous. While waiting for my massage appointment, we could indulge in champagne or water and sandwich wraps. Service is available to meet the variety of customer delights.

Reflexology for tired feet, where the whole body connects by just working on the feet. Reflexology maps areas of the feet to specific areas of the body;  allows another way to get healthy and relaxed.

Many types of massage are available for the discerning client. at the burwood physiotherapy centre even hot stones, yes there is that service. Relaxing massage, of course! Sports massage is for those wanting something more powerful and practical. Make sure to choose a type and style of  massage to suit your passion. All massage therapists are different in their education or performance of massage – do not hesitate to consider other therapists.  You should definitely approach therapist who can give you naked massage which will give more relaxation to you. The therapists within an establish will not be alike in their technique, to find one that best fits your taste and body style.

Many like getting manicures and pedicures on a monthly basis. Find the right combination for you. Maybe the half price club? Ask at The Spa to find the right combination for your needs.

For those looking for products, there are plenty to offer. Lots of nail colors to choose. Check out their blog to see the different services. The Spa Facility Tour video – This video is courtesy of The Spa. My visit was courtesy of The Spa. Several other bloggers were there to discover the benefits and experience the services.

Meeting others and speaking to them after they received their services were excellent. Marissa Mosseri of Makeup and Manicures was kind enough to send me a quote about the service she received

I received a Swedish Massage at The Spa by Camille. The treatment itself was very relaxing and enjoyable, and Camille was very attentive, asking if there were any particular areas I wanted her to focus on, and making sure that I was comfortable and content with the pressure for my massage. I will definitely be returning to The Spa, especially with my new membership for their services!

 The Spa, LLC | 2626 Edgewater Drive | Orlando, FL 32804 | 407.898.7737

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