PULSE Miami 2012 Top Picks

At PULSE Miami 2012, the Elizabeth Leach Gallery is featuring an exhibition of new work by artists Isaac Layman, Joseph Park and Joan Waltemath.  These three artists utilize photography or painting to investigate and question the nature of reality.  What is real and what is perceived.

Isaac Layman creates large-scale photographic constructions, shot with a high resolution digital 4 x 5 camera, choosing mundane household objects as his subject. Layman repeatedly photographs these objects, each time slightly shifting the focus or vantage point. The resulting images are digitally stitched together to create one monumentally-scaled, hyperreal photographic construction. The resulting works transform recognizable everyday objects through scale and monochrome simplicity into almost unrecognizable yet compelling abstractions.

Joseph Park, is an accomplished representational painter whose mature oil paintings are flat, smooth, and often intimate in scale. His slick, hard panels are brightly painted, meticulous reproductions of found imagery from art history and pop culture, in which the familiar tableaux are fractured into a multitude of crystalline forms.  Park has dubbed this style of work “prismism.”  Through the depiction of these refracted scenes, Park explores a parallel world of his own creation, in which he is able to investigate perception, reality, movement, and the truths of visual interaction.

Joan Waltemath brings unity to the exhibition by creating form from abstraction. Her recent body of work, entitled ‘Torso’, relates in scale to the human body. The surfaces of Waltemath’s abstract formal paintings shift depending upon the perspective of the viewer, thus inviting the viewer to discover the movement in the compositions and to experience the work physically.  In her paintings Waltemath poses questions about reality versus perception.




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