Mayan Apocalypse 2012 – JELL-O Pudding Brings Fun to the Rescue


If the Mayans predicted correctly the world would end this Friday 12/21/12, more than half of Americans (52%) would be most excited about never having to pay taxes again*. But, you better keep track of those receipts, as JELL-O will try to save the world by appeasing the Mayan gods with JELL-O Pudding.

To “fun things up,” JELL-O will make the “funnest” sacrifice ever – JELL-O Pudding – and their efforts are “documented” in a new TV spot –

And in case they’re unsuccessful, JELL-O wants Americans to share the one thing they’d want to do before the world may end. Through Dec. 20th, 12 daily winners will be randomly selected to win $100 toward accomplishing their goal. Here’s how to enter:

As part of their mission to “fun things up,” other elements launching include:

A partnership with Someecards to offer end-of-the-world-inspired, electronic greeting cards.

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