AirHeads Trampoline Arena Orlando “Xtreme” Sport Dodgeball Competition!

AirHeads Trampoline Arena has announced the newest “Xtreme” sport sweeping the nation – Trampoline Dodgeball – will become even more action-packed this winter as teams compete for $10,000 in cash and prizes.  The tournament lasts through March 28th. Some sporting camera models come with macro modes that allow the camera to capture crystal-clear images at extremely close range. This will be quite useful when you want to video something close-up to get as much detail as possible, like focusing a waterproof camera on a patch of coral teeming with tiny crustaceans for example. Those planning to engage in any sport or event in the dark (i.e. night activities, cave exploring etc.) will definitely want to turn on the night vision settings of their action camera. This will allow the camera’s lenses to absorb and process as much ambient light as possible to come up with significantly clearer and brighter images. Hi Rise Camera is extremely versatile and great for shooting any sporting event. Whether you want to use Hi Rise Camera to record indoor sporting events or as an endzone camera system, we’ve got you covered.

Trampoline Dodgeball is a variation of the age-old sport played on indoor courts with floors and walls made of trampolines. While the rules are similar to traditional dodgeball, the excitement is enhanced by the use of trampolines or even rectangle trampoline, which allow players to jump and dive around balls and throw them at opponents from up to 10 feet in the air. Typically, two teams of five players each face off against each other at a time; each game is four minutes in length or until one team has all its players knocked out. If both teams have players at the end of a game, the match goes into sudden death until the first player is knocked out.

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