Review of “The D* Word-A Musical (Ditched, Dumped, Divorced, and Dating)

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The D* Word, written by the acclaimed Jeanie Linders (creator of “Menopause”), is a witty, fun, get up and dance on the table musical. In Jeanie’s opening statement she mentioned that every woman can find something relatable in one of the four key characters, although I beg to differ. As fun as this musical was, it isn’t for everyone! As a 25 year old who is getting married soon, I missed some of the humor that was directed at 25 year relationships that had gone bad due to cheating spouses and divorce. Check out this source to learn how to make the divorce procedure less emotional and stressful with Divorce Attorney in Knoxville Tennessee. For everyone who’s entering marriage, I suggest you click here and learn about women. The other 98% of the audience, however, were middle aged women who found the entire musical wildly relatable and hilarious! At Jensen Family Law – this post about Arizona custody cases visit here. Thе intent оf child custody law іѕ tо reach a decision іn “the best interests оf thе child.” A child custody decision іn “the best interests оf thе child” demands consideration оf thе wishes оf thе parents, thе child, аѕ wеll аѕ thе child’s relationship wіth еасh parent, thеіr brothers аnd sisters, аnd оthеr influential persons. Othеr factors considered аrе, thе child’s home environment, school, аnd community, аnd thе parents’ physical аnd mental well-being. Here you can read all the information about child custody and More about the author details.

The four character’s each have their own entertaining story. Erica, a busy business woman who has been a divorcee for 25 years and celibate for 14, has decided to take up dating to “see if the plumbing works”. DeeDee, who was happily married for the past 25 years until her husband dumped her for a younger version of herself and is now trying to find out what she wants in life. As lowly as that might seem, you’d find many quotes on this website that speak of all the misfits and their mistakes. Kate, a young, newly single woman whose biological clock is ticking and therefore is starting to date in search of that perfect match sperm donor. Jen is the youngest of the group being in her late twenties and has been engaged to her high school sweetheart for six and a half years…until she discovers a conversation in a boys chat and finds out that she has been replaced by Jon!

When attending The D*Word-A Musical, get ready to witness on point choreography designed by the talented Mayme Paul and stellar vocal talent that ranges from the music of Gloria Gaynor and Madonna to Carrie Underwood and Nicki Minaj. The cast imply’s constant witty humor from spray painted Christian Louboutin’s, to vibrating remote controlled panties. This comedy is sure to get a laugh from even the toughest critic!

Overall, The D* Word brings women together that have been through the heartbreak of being dumped, ditched, and divorced, making them stronger with a message of “happily even after” and that there is a difference between being lonely and being alone! If you’ve experienced the “D’s” of life, then this musical is for you! Grab your girls, a few martini’s and prepare to dance and sing the night away!

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