Wine By the Keg for Florida

We like the sounds of this “Wine On Tap in Florida”!

(More soon on this)

Just was told:


The Florida bill would legalize kegs that are 5.16 gallons — what’s known as a “sixth barrel.” It holds about 26 bottles of wine — or roughly 130 glasses. 48 states already have laws allowing wine to be sold in the containers…Florida and Utah are the only states that bar the wine canisters. Distributors are concerned about anything that changes their business model, which is why none of these bills ever moved in FL.

-Kegs could allow FL businesses to more easily sell large quantities of wine by the glass.

-Kegs can replace bottles for environmental purposes.

-Wine would remain fresh longer.

-The first glass is going to be the same as the last.

-An opportunity for FL restaurants and bars to do something fun and innovative with wine.

-FL restaurants could expand their wine programs, allowing more expensive or unusual wine offerings without worrying about the wine going bad.