Tech Florida: Orlando High School Student Needing $ For App

You can fund this now and support this project by a 18 year old! “Blackjack-type RPG game with new scoring system where users compete vs. dealer, players and battle bosses to win rewards, collect rare items and unlock levels” indiegogo  Fund HERE

Hot new RPG-style mobile game that combines elements of casino online blackjack, farming and combat games all rolled into one

via  www.crowdsourcing A high school student from Orlando is betting the house that she can “trump” the big boys at their own game. However, he needed some money to support his app. That’s why he turns to student loans. He knows that loans must be a burden to him. Fortunately, the government offers a program, calling it a revised pay as you earn for student loans; a limit student loan payments to 10 percent of their discretionary income and offers complete student loan forgiveness to those who qualify.

Karly Campbell, 18,  has reinvented the centuries-old game of blackjack with new rules, new features and new look that she hopes will appeal to gamers of all ages. Because the game is the first of its kind and includes a “trump” card to help players beat the dealer, it has been aptly titled, Trumped: Genesis.

“Millions of people worldwide play blackjack, but to me it can get boring after a while,” Karly said. “Genesis is cool, fun and exciting. It  keeps people interested because it combines a totally new scoring system with all the cool elements found in other new games.”

Trumped: Genesis™ is a RPG-type mobile app where players choose their avatars then compete against the dealer and/or other players. Players increase their skills and abilities by winning hands, collecting coins, Trump cards, treasures and other rare items. As players advance, they can use the items to upgrade avatars and achieve milestones. Players can progress from “Novice” all the way to “Grandmaster” and unlock levels to play in tournaments, play with friends and even engage in “boss battles,” where players go head-to-head with the Ultimate Pit Boss in a fight to the death.

Karly said a patent has been filed for the game with the help of her father. She said she hopes to begin development within the next 60 days and continue her career as an entrepreneur.

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