Downtown Orlando Happy Hour Specials

My top 5 places to go in Downtown Orlando on a Friday night!

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Whats a girl to do on a Friday night? Or better yet, what’s an Orlandian to do!? (Side note..I’m not sure that’s what we’re actually called but I like it!) Well this was the question on me and a few of my good girl friends minds as we embarked on a journey all over the city to find the best spots to have a good time! Every bar had a different reason it was a blast so I decided to share the experience, and this is the list I came up with!

5)The Lodge– Located at 49 N Orange Avenue this bar has a community feeling with a BOGO special from 4-7. Although no food is served here, the bartenders are friendly and make their drinks very strong! After your 1 or 2 you’re sure to be buzzing to the next spot!

4)Urban Flats– Located 55 W Church St #128 Urban Flats offers a great location and environment for a just out of the office day! They have a happy hour from 3-6.Their menu used to have a happy hour section with food (my favorite) which they promised me will return soon! But the $3 margaritas they serve make the wait!

3)Chillers– Now if your purpose for happy hour to not feel your face, this is the place to be! Located at 33 W Church St not only does this bar offer you access to 2 more bars (Big Belly and Latitudes) but it offers a happy hour special of 3-4-1 wells, calls, bottled beer, AND frozen daiquiris! With great music and a brand new kitchen menu chillers is sure to give you the stress relieving time you’re looking for!

2)Whiskey Dicks– I may have had the most fun here! Located 50 E Central Blvd the environment was young and fun. There are tvs everywhere so if there is a game on the day you choose to happy hour hop this is the place to be! Their happy hour is from an impressive 11am-7pm and offers half off on drinks. The best part of this bar to me (other then all the attractive people) has to be the food menu! Everything I have tried from Whiskey Dicks doesn’t disappoint! Definitely a bar to bring your appetite to!

1)Ceviche– Located 125 W Church St the bar and restaurant has an amazing atmosphere! I ran across  Ceviche on my walk home and was immediately drawn in by the live music! My friends and I took a front row seat to the live flamenco dancers as we looked over their menu. After being in a trance by the singing and dancing our very attractive waiter brought us out a round of free drinks. While the menu is the pricier of the bunch the vibe and atmosphere of Ceviche can’t be beat! And did I mention the waiters are VERY attractive =)

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