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In the past year we have been fortunate to send @JenVargas our media editor to some great opportunities( Gotye, Paula Deen, Inside Space Shuttle Atlantis, Celebrity Mascot Games and Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses- to name Brian’s Top 5!)

With Glass her list with be endless and for GOOD!

Read this from @JenVargas:

As some of you may know, in March I was part of a select few invited by Google to join their Google Glass #GlassExplorers program! Testing of the revolutionary Glass headset is hugely limited to only 8,000 users in the United States (for now) until Glass is available to the public for purchase sometime in 2014. (For an up-to-date countrywide map of Glass invitees, click HERE.)

I am currently seeking sponsors to help support this project, and YOU could be one of them! My goal with incorporating this ICS is to produce the first ever field segment shot completely on Glass – among other projects including film, education and helping not-for-profit charities I personally support, most notably; Relay For Life (of Hunter’s Creek) and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer (of Metro Orlando). Have a collaboration project in mind? Pitch it to me! Have $2K burning a hole in your pocket and feel like just giving it away? Feel free to send your entire wallet to me via PayPal using this email address: Have a friend in mind who LOVES this stuff and may want to help out too? Share this blog or the event pages (below) with them! The deadline for sponsorships is THIS SUNDAY, June 16th! Thank you in advance for your support, Orlando!

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