Mosquito Myths Debunked …Top 5!

Mosquitoes are booming right now and people have a lot of misconceptions about what they should to do keep them away. This info is from HomeTeam Pest Defense here in Central Florida.

5 Mosquito Myths Debunked

1)      Citrosa plants. Citronella oil does have some mosquito-repelling qualities, but just the aroma coming from the plant is not enough. The leaves have to be crushed to release the oil, and even then the oil must be burned in candles or oil torches. Some of the best essential oils to keep mosquitoes away contain Citrosa extract. The same goes for rosemary and mint plants.

2)      Fabric softener dryer sheets. The idea is that rubbing dryer sheets on your skin will keep the mosquitoes off, but there is no scientific proof that this works. You are better off using a DEET-based insect repellent according to the label, and wearing a long-sleeved shirt and pants to add an extra layer of protection.

3)      Garlic. Consuming large amounts of garlic only works against vampires and bad dates. The two primary factors attracting mosquitoes are body heat and carbon dioxide, not what you eat.

4)      Bats and/or purple martins. While both bats and the colonial purple martins will consume mosquitoes, the offending insects make up a small percentage of their natural diet. Dragonflies also prey on mosquitoes, so be thankful if you see these around your pool or yard, they can even help a Pest Control Company get rid of the unwanted pests. There are many ways for pest control available which are used by professional or experienced firms.

5)      Bug zappers. According to this Bed Bug Removal Los Angeles, biting insects (including mosquitoes and bed bugs) generally make up less than one percent of the bugs zapped in these popular devices. Many beneficial insects, on the other hand, do get zapped.

Geoff White is a general manager with HomeTeam Pest Defense ( covering Melbourne/Orlando.

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