Sweeto Burrito Coming to Florida!

Sweeto Burrito announced that it has awarded the rights to develop 250 locations in the states of Arizona, Nevada, Texas, and Florida.

Jon Pierre Francia, CEO and Founder of Sweeto Burrito said, “We are really excited that the Sweeto Burrito franchise opportunity has been received so well. The teams we are bringing on are experienced operators who will be great additions to our team. They are committed to helping us grow the brand and maintain the quality that our customers have come to count on. We couldn’t ask for better people to help us take Sweeto Burrito to the next level.”

Christian Faulconer, Regional Developer for Nevada and Arizona, said, “Our team has seen a lot of emerging brands, but rarely do we see a franchise opportunity as young as Sweeto Burrito that has this much behind it. Our first truck will be ready to go in July and our first brick and mortar location will be open before fall. We are thrilled to be part of what we believe will be the next big thing.”

Cory Jones, Regional Developer for Texas and Florida, said, “Our team fell in love with Sweeto Burrito the first time we tasted the food. We knew Jon Pierre was onto something and we wanted to be part of it. We have been anxiously waiting to bring this amazing brand to Florida and Texas and we will have our first locations open this fall.”

They are now tweeting @   https://twitter.com/sweetoburritoFL

And so Facebook Worthy! https://www.facebook.com/SweetoBurritoFlorida

Sweeto Burrito Florida’s first employees dig in to their first Sweeto Burritos with founder JP Francia! via Facebook.com/SweetoBurritoFlorida

More about Sweeto Burrito: Founded in 2011, Sweeto Burrito (http://www.sweetoburrito.com) was born from the streets. Jon Pierre Francia took his love for great food and his experience building brands and started the first Sweeto Burrito truck in North Dakota. Sweeto Burrito began franchising in 2013 and has already sold commitments for 250 locations.

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