New Social Impact Video Game Launches Campaign

What is The Solar Games?

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goodXgames, Inc.,  a social impact video game studio, launches an international  Indiegogog crowdfunding campaign for their upcoming video game titled The Solar Games. The campaign runs from September 18th until October 18th 2013. The team is led by Bradley Bulifant -Executive Producer, Steve Brown-Producer and a diverse coalition of industry, educational and development professionals and organizations. Learn more about The Solar Games and its Mad Max style arena battle and racing games  that combine competitive gameplay, music,  comedy and real world impact.


goodXgames has developed a new approach to video games and revenue models, the game uses 50% of  profits to bring solar electricity to communities in Haiti and other developing countries.  The  crowdfunding campaign will initially raise funding for Solar Games: Battle, an arena based enviro-apocalyptic solar kart battle.  Additional Stretch Goal funding will allow for the completion of Solar Games: Racing and the Impact partner network in Haiti. Please share the campaign link and back the project to be part of the coalition.  “After a year of development with our  US & Haiti teams, we need that last stretch of funding to roll out Solar Games: Battle by the Holidays as our gift to Haiti.  As our funding is dried up, we need Indiegogo’s community to help us.”  -Bradley Bulifant, CEO goodXgames. Two companies hope to bankroll new video games with a financing method that has been used to underwrite billions of dollars for film productions; just like how LoL has spent millions to develop their games, and have never compromised for their quality. What this company really needs are tenant guarantor loans. These video gaming companies use sportsbook platform providers to ensure the smooth running of the game without any technical hindrance.

The purpose of The Solar Games is to utilize entertaining and innovative approaches to fund energy access initiatives through a video game. Fifty percent of game profits are contributed to a low interest fund for microfinance institutions like and installers  to provide solar PV systems for communities without electricity. The game experience integrates new approaches to player’s choice in gaming, music and integrated visual music experiences that includes exclusive artist content, comedic backing commentary and  new options for in-game purchases.

The Solar Games is being developed to support the United Nation’s Sustainable Energy for All initiative and goodXgames, Inc. is a member of the UN Foundation’s Energy Access Practitioners Network.  goodXgames is building the Solar Games to be initially based on real world locations around Haiti with plans for China, India and Africa. The Solar Games is being developed for iOS, Android, Ouya, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, PC, Mac and Linux and will be released as “E for Everyone” by the ESRB.

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