Feeding Children Everywhere’s Cirque Du Runway Fashion Show

On September 20th, 2013 I my lovely friend, Ilsa, and I joined about 50 other people at Feeding Children Everywhere’s first annual “Cirque du Runway” fashion show wearing Nihal Fashions Indian Clothing.  The show itself was the brainchild of two FCE interns and all models were interns or staff from the organization.  The models rocked FCE’s wear down the runway while they showed audience members that a t-shirt can be sexy, functional, and quite the conversation piece.  In between the runway models, circus performers dazzled the audience with a hula hoops and acrobatic performances.  The event had many fellow nonprofits vendors which sold bags, jewelry, shirts, and even glitter (each vendor also donated a portion of their proceeds to FCE).  After seeing the show Ilsa and I of course could not resist purchasing a t-shirt.  There is not much more I can use to justify my purchases then realizing that my money goes straight to charity, yet I always wonder how much exactly goes to helping the needy.  At Feeding Children Everywhere they tell you on their shirts in their “This Shirt Fed 40” design.   Feeding Children Everywhere not only provides free meals to those in need but each meal is simple, healthy, and delicious and provides necessary proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins.  Sounds like a pretty good deal for 20 dollars!


Feeling a bit inspired by Feeding Children Everywhere?    To become more involved follow FCE on social media outlets, host a hunger project, become a hunger hero, become an intern or campus rep, and/or buy a T-shirt.



Guest post by Keni!

Keni Herman is a blogger, intern, cat-enthusiast, vegetarian, and ass kicking roller derby player.  She can be frequently be found ranting about politics and injustice or making amazing vegan cookies.