Orlando October Tech Meetup!

New Location! 5 Tech Companies will present!

Thursday, October 24th!

Demoing —

Constant Insight – http://constantinsight.com
Constant Insight helps organizations produce better outcomes by allowing them to quickly communicate and learn about people, such as employees, customers or prospects. Just as it’s vital for people working in an organization to know how to send main via fax on which you can find the complete guide on how to get started here, in the same way learning about other employees is essential for the smooth running of any organization.  Every organization wants to better understand the individual and shared traits and interest of people. With simply an email address, Constant Insight is able to quickly gather information, such as demographic, occupational and social intelligence. Additionally, we provide the tools for organizations to instantly communicate and measure peoples behavior and interest. We then visualize this information in a manner that help organizations quickly identify and monitor peoples shared and evolving characteristics and interest. This information allows organizations to quickly identify opportunities, tailor messaging and deploy resources into the right channels. Constant Insight is a Software-as-a-service.

Edukate – http://edukate.com
Edu(k)ate connects retirement plan participants with online financial education. We do this by providing employers with gamification tools to create contest and incentives so employees want to learn. In return, as employees engage, we collect useful data that allows employers to optimize their benefits cost & reduce their fiduciary liability.

Learn Everywhere – http://learneverywhere.com
Combining 100+ years of memory research with the latest mobile technology, Learn Everywhere helps you to remember what matters.

Engage Mobility – http://engagemobility.com
We are a mobile customer relations management platform that utilizes Augmented Reality, Geolocations, Geo-Fencing, push and notifications to allow users to connect with brands they are interested in. We allow brands to engage with their customers like never before.

Party Tutor – http://www.partytutor.com/ucf
Party Tutor connects college students with local businesses. We do this by providing a smartphone app that allows businesses to easily promote their offerings to students who are looking for their deals.

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