Final Piece of See Art Orlando Now in Place. See All 8 at the Unveiling On Nov 18



If you happened to see a giant head on your way into the office this morning don’t worry.  You’re not going crazy and no giants haven’t landed in Orlando.  The head, and other body parts, that are being installed on the west shore of Lake Eola Park is the final of the 8 new sculptures downtown is getting as part of the See Art Orlando initiative.

The sculpture, titled ‘The Discovery,’ is by Meg White.  This is one of 6 sculptures in the 8 piece series to be placed in Lake Eola Park.

It’s going to be a couple more week until downtown visitors and residents can enjoy the new sculptures though.  An unveiling ceremony will take place on November 18, 2013.  The evening will include food trucks at many of the sculptures and live music throughout the walk around downtown. Until then the fences around the sculptures are expected to remain.

So what do you think of this final piece of the See Art Orlando series?