Orlando Indienomicon Expo

” For the love of indie. ~ IndieNomicon is a celebration of independent games and culture by game developers and gamers alike.” via twitter @Indienomicon

Indienomicon is a group focused on bringing together Orlando’s indie game community.  Each month we host a meetup showcasing at least 2 games from local indie developers and aspiring developers so anyone can see what’s being developed right here in Orlando.

We’ve invited all of our past presenters back to Envy Labs to show off how their games have progressed over this year. We are offering this expo as a 100% FREE event (including parking!). We will even be giving away swag and prizes!

Come see the following games:

Neo-Victorian Skirmish Squad (Website)
The Thieving Tower (Website)
Wizard Ops Tactics (Website)
Rise of the Ravager (Website)
Ascendant  (Website)
Periareion (Website)
PIHT (Facebook)
Gela Tennis (Google Play)
The Games of ThatWhichIs Media (Website)
Dropsy (Kickstarter)
Magicite (Kickstarter)
Temple Tap  (Website)
Omega Hero (Website)
The Last Ace of Space (Website)
CelleC Games (Website)

Live Warfare(Kickstarter)

If your a developer, designer, artist or gamer you won’t want to miss our IndieNomicon Expo!

Thursday, December 5, 2013 6pm at 618 E. South St. Suite 620, Orlando, FL

Full details on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/events/1382103372010412

And updates @ http://www.meetup.com/Indienomicon/events/151109032/