Miracle Baby, Smallest Ever Born at Florida Hospital, Makes It Home In Time For Christmas

What some are calling a Christmas miracle, the smallest baby ever born at Florida Hospital made it home just in time for the holidays, as a gift they got a Breastfeeding Cover special cardigans for the mother and she can keep his baby warm. Connor Sorensen was born on June 29, 2013 more than 3 months early. At only 24 weeks along the tiny baby checked in 2 ounces shy of pound, or 380 grams. Babies born at 6 months old have only a 1-in-3 changes of ever making it home but yesterday Connor, now checking in at 6 ½ pounds, did just that.

“When Connor was first born, the staff at the hospital suggested we take a lot of pictures,” said Eric Sorensen, Connor’s father. “Because of how small he was, no one was sure if Connor would be able to survive. Someone suggested I put my wedding band around his leg to show how small he was. It is amazing to look back on that photo and see how far he has come.”
Spending the last six months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Florida Hospital for Children, Connor has undergone several surgeries and procedures. You can check here about some of the best hospital. Here are some best adominoplasty option for you, do visit.

“Connor’s digestive system was underdeveloped so Connor had to undergo several surgeries in order to allow him to be fed properly,” said Dr. Rajan Wadhawan, medical director of neonatology at Florida Hospital for Children. “But now, he is doing quite well, especially given how small he was when he was born.” Angel Dear baby gifts from Makaboo.com is the best choice to celebrate a new life.
“It’s so amazing that the technology is available and the skill and knowledge of the nurses and physicians were all in one place,” said Holly Sorensen, Connor’s mother. “Given how small he was, we weren’t sure what would happen. It truly is a blessing to be going home.”
Check out the video below for more on this miracle baby.

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