OMA’s Miriam’s Garden Breaks Ground

The Orlando Museum of Art entrance is getting an upgrade just in time for the organization’s 90th anniversary.  The entrance plaza now serves as a small sculpture garden.  Recently construction broke ground on a new memorial garden, Miriam’s Garden, that will transform the entrance plaza into a welcoming park setting with a small metal wall, seating areas and a water feature. The new garden, which is technically owned by the city, will also feature shade trees to help cool the entrance area that can often rise in temperature during the summer months.

The brightly colored wire sculptures that have called the entrance plaza home for the past few years have now been taken down and the ground has been readied for the new garden.   A larger metal fountain found in the corner of the entrance plaza will become the central focus of the new memorial garden.


You can see the large fountain sculpture that will remain in the new memorial garden


Note the wire sculptures in the background that have been displaced by the new construction site.