Director Devin Lucia brings ‘Dog Sees God’ to Orlando’s The Venue

A special invitation to all of YOU from the cast through Google Glass!

Opening this weekend is a local production of Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead, written by Burt V. Royal. The story cleverly juxtaposes Charles Schultz’s classic Peanuts characters with commonplace teens and the daily problems they face. The echoing subject throughout the play? Bullying, an unfortunate hot button topic in today’s society and especially prevalent in high schools. In this production they fearlessly tackle it all; being gay, overweight, hate crimes, racial stereotyping, drugs, peer pressure and more. Not only do they tackle it onstage, they’ve opened an anti-bullying dialogue across social media, on their website and through video interviews with the cast via their Dog Sees God Orlando YouTube page


Sound too heavy? Don’t worry. There are well-paced, comedic breaks along the way. And! If you’re a huge Peanuts fan like I am, there are plenty of nifty easter eggs [hidden and not-so-hidden] throughout the performance. (Who doesn’t like a good Snoopy Dance?!)


The play’s director, Devin Lucia, has given the script a bit of an update from its early 2000’s context. Her staging aims to push the boundaries of social identification. Through the main character “CB,” we follow a journey of awkward adolescent phases of self discovery. In association with UCF’s Bully-Free Florida Network, fundraising and awareness efforts to support this cause are intertwined within the show. A dedicated cast of local 20-something thespians handle this production’s heavy material with grace and humor. Tickets are only $10 and are available NOW for purchase online or in person at The Venue Orlando
CB – Matthew Hughes
Beethoven – Isaac Bannasch
CB’s Sister – Jordan Irvine
Van – Jonathan Jimenez
Van’s Sister – Cassandra Buelich
Matt – Adam Ressa
Tricia – Christina Carmona
Marcy – Lindsay Taylor
Director & Producer – Devon D. Lucia
Assistant Director – Brian Gutierrez
Executive Producer – Dannon Lucia
Production Manager – Heather Mowad
Communications Manager – Steven Calamusa
Event Manager – Chris Meushaw
Graphic and Set Designer – Samantha Sanders
Set Construction – Dan Mende