“10 days of Awesome” A look at the Florida Film Festival

By: Nando Luis Torres

Each year the Florida Film Festival is the site of one the most anticipated events in Central Florida. Showcasing ten days of film, foods, and fun. The Florida Film Festival is a special event that filmmaker and film lovers alike will never forget.

Recently the Top 5 team went the span of the ten day festival, which went from April 4 throughout the 13th, and it quickly became evident that finding just the Top 5 reasons to attend this event was going to be difficult, simply because there was so much there to love.

The Florida Film Festival now in its 23rd year is an annual event that premieres the best in independent and international cinema. This years festival featured an astounding 170 plus films representing 26 countries. Of the films selected for this years event 137 of them had premiere status at the fest. Henry Maldonado, President of the Florida Film Festival stated “The Florida Film Festival continues to attract independent filmmakers in record numbers. With so many films appearing on Florida screens for the first time, our audience has the chance to experience amazing stories with a broad range of themes, styles, and surprises. There really is something new and exciting for everyone to explore this year.”

After ten days of fun we had to sit down and narrow it done to our Top 5 reasons to attend the Florida Film Festival and here they are.

  1. Films: If you are a fan of movies then welcome to paradise.
  2. The Food: From brunches to food tastings the Florida Film Festival will make sure you wont need to reach for the popcorn when watching the films, but its always recommended because who doesn’t like popcorn while watching movies?
  3. Panels: If you are a looking to further yourself as a film maker, then make sure to sit in on one of the many panels the fest has to offer.
  4. Special Guest: Love meeting your favorite movies stars? Then your in luck, because the Florida Film Festival has them. This years special guests included Susan Sarandon, Paul Sorvino, Giancarlo Esposito, and Shawn Christensen.
  5. Last but never least The Parties: From the Opening Night party to the Award Bash, The Florida Film Festivals offers you the chance to mingle with filmmakers and fans alike to eat drink, talk about your favorite films, or just have a good time.

One special mention I have to acknowledge is one particular film block form the Florida Film Festival, “The Best of Brouhaha.” The great thing about this block of films is that all 14 films showcased in this block are made in Florida or by Florida filmmakers. Giving the opportunity for local filmmakers to show the great working coming out of our state.

So if you are looking for a one of kind experience, then keep up to date with the Florida Film Festival by visiting their website at www.floridafilmfestival.com and join us next year for what is surly going to be another year of “Awesome.”