50th Anniversary of the Mustang In The Community: Car Show For Compassionate Canines Rescue

Mid-Florida Mustang Club and Mullinax Ford are celebrating the 50thAnniversary of the Mustang in the community with a car show where proceeds will go to Compassionate Canines Rescue. This celebration is open to the public with opportunities to see a variety of vintage and newer model Mustangs. Hamburgers, hot dogs and soft drinks being will be served during the car show. If you ever need some spare parts for your car, Click here to see all of the amazing options you have. If you are interested can buy classic car parts from Amarok Spare Parts. One down side people experience with cars today is the huge maintenance costs one has to consider. It takes a toll on ones’ budget to have a car in the repair shop, more times, than it is on the road. The reasons for such an occurrence could be poor maintenance practices; sensitivity of the car to different road conditions and in some instances the rarity of spare parts. You can go through the buspartsexperts.com for the best bus parts experts. Placing the wrong spare parts in your car after a repair is like infusing your body with the wrong blood type.

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“We are excited to be celebrating this iconic anniversary of the Mustang while raising funds for Compassionate Canines Rescue,” said Steve Jennelle, President of Mid-Florida Mustang Club. “We encourage everyone to come out to this family-friendly celebration!”



Saturday, May 3, 2014, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Mullinax Ford

1551 E Semoran Blvd.  Apopka, FL 32703