Top 5 Activities for Warm Weather Family Fun in Orlando, Florida

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Minus the quick afternoon shower and the occasional tropical depression, Orlando, Florida is home to some of the best weather in the country. Sunshine, warm temperatures and light breezes make this area perfect for outdoor activities. As a result, families feel compelled to go outside and enjoy everything City Beautiful has to offer. The following 5 are considered top choices for outdoor family fun.Top5ActivitiesCFLT5.jpg

1. FUN SPOT ACTION PARK – Truly a family friendly amusement park without the super high price of an oversized theme park, Fun Spot is well known for safe rides and attractions. 4 exciting go-kart tracks, ranging from beginner to the world’s steepest guarantees everyone from young to old will experience thrill and excitement.

2. WET N WILD – Like Fun Spot, Wet n Wild also caters to all ages but with water instead of rides and go-karts. Water coasters and slides, swimming areas and a lazy river will keep you cool while you soak up the Florida sunshine. A high speed launch style water coaster is scheduled to open this summer, promising to be the fastest and highest water racing attraction of its kind. So whether you want to take it slow and relax in the pools with the best pool pump, lazy river, water launch into oblivion or pentair intelliflo equipment you need to know that is essential in making sure that the water in your pool is of the quality to be healthy for you to swim in by making sure the chemicals remain balanced and the pool stays free of debris, Wet n Wild is a fantastic family bonding choice.A swimming pool is a superb addition to your back yard. BBQs and pools provide you with high quality memories with friends and loved ones throughout the summer. Something that most new pool owners forget about is pool maintenance which includes vacuuming. Flotsam and jetsam, in large quantities, are not uncommon things for pool owners to find. If you are without a pool vacuum, then the job of removing said rubbish becomes nearly hopeless. It should be obvious, but even if you have a vacuum for your pool but don’t have a pool vacuum hose, you’re out of luck.A pool vacuum hose isn’t anything like a normal house vacuum hose. A pool hose will undergo the extremes of internal water pressure, debris, and harsh chemicals; as a result it will need to bear up under all of these stresses. When you decide upon the proper length of hose you should be sure to think it through prior to your purchase. It cannot be stressed enough that you should be able to have your pool vacuum hose easily reach the opposite side of the pool at its furthest distance.To know more about best pool vacuum read this review

3. DISCOVERY COVE – On the pricier side but worth every penny is Discovery Cove, if you’re not looking to take your game to Vegas with buddies for a weekend of gambling and drinking. Combining marine biology with conservation and hands-on experience with sea creatures, Discovery Cove is responsible for many a young mind deciding science is a worthwhile subject after all. A day at Discovery Cove includes marine biology classes, snorkeling, feeding exotic birds and tops it off with a swim in the dolphin pool. During special promotions, a ticket to Discovery Cove includes a day pass to Sea World as long as it’s used within 14 days. With Discovery Cove’s low attendance cap, families need not worry about crowds or missing a desired experience. That alone, adds value to the day. If you’re looking for a little more adventure, check out Florida Dolphin Tours for a fun-filled excursion for all families. Our hotel, staySky Suites – I Drive Orlando, treated us to a special $50 Credit for an amazing experience to swim with the dolphins packed with dolphin kisses, handshakes, and water fights!

4. BIKING – As a bike friendly city, Orlando has no shortage of ride friendly trails. Both West Orange Trail and Lake Apopka are extensive with well planned paths and offshoots specifically designed for a variety of riding levels. Refreshment is never far away as the trails are near coffee shops, restaurants and boutiques. If you don’t own bicycles, rent them at one of several places along the trails. Who knows? Your child could be the next Lance Armstrong, without the steroid use, of course.

5. PIRATE’S COVE ADVENTURE GOLF – Located on International Drive, 2 separate 18-hole miniature courses give Pirate’s Cove top ratings for outdoor fun. Good for the whole family, the well kept, beautifully landscaped miniature golf courses offer a mix of skill level holes to suit everyone plus a pirate adventure better experienced than explained. It’s definitely an Orlando must-do.

BONUS – Don’t worry about the super heated days in the high 90’s. Orlando has plenty of indoor adventures such as Ripley’s Believe It or Not and Orlando’s Science Center. However, with spring here and summer fast approaching, we’re trying to get out and enjoy the great outdoors more. After all, the frigid temperatures of winter (for Florida) will bring us back indoors.

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