Best Pitches, Lessons, and Winners from Orlando’s First Lean Startup Machine Workshop

From Laundry App to  Hotel Style Cleaning Service?! The First Orlando workshop has come and gone- 8 team worked on problems. Many thought they knew their customers and had a solution in mind. They are hiring cleaning exec cleaning service for superb and full cleaning service.

But they were Wrong! After “Getting out of the building” they failed, some pivoted and all Learned Lean.

What is this Lean all about?! Learn Lean Startup Methodology with Lean Startup local machine shop in Orlando. Fail Fast, Succeed Faster

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“The response was overwhelming! The learning people walk away with combined with such a great group of people made for an unforgettable experience.” said Damone Franklin, Organizer.

LeanOrlandoWinnersWinning team leader, David Glinski shared, “”Lean Startup Weekend was worth its weight in gold to me. I got shocked back to reality many times when validation from potential customers invalidated many of my teams ideas. A roller coaster of emotion that ended up teaching me some valuable methods to finding the right problem to solve.””

” I think everyone wanting to start a business should participate in a LSM weekend workshop. It is intensive and frustrating at times, but at the end of one weekend our team changed the business twice and in the end resulted in a product that customers wanted and were willing to pay for. The judges validated our experience, process and product by awarding our team, Hotel At Home, the winners”

Pamela DiMarzio is the co-founder of ArtStarter, a business that resulted from being the winning team from Orlando’s Hack for Change held in Spring 2013.
Annette Lilly, Organizer shared:   I think the Aha moment for the teams came when they quit focusing on winning and instead stuck to learning from their customers. The teams that got the best validation were willing to risk letting go of trying to create solutions and stick to solving real problems.
All of the teams jumped right in to participate to following the methodology which is usually the hardest part.
If the teams had went right into build the projects that they pitched on day one, they would have missed out on the rewards of hearing feedback that their first potential customers had for them.

Winner Announcement:

Top Pitches on Friday night:

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