SunTrust Foundation invests in Coalition for the Homeless

SunTrust Foundation  Gives back by naming an office in  the upcoming Men’s Service Center!

SunTrust Foundation recently made a $25,000 investment in the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida’s upcoming Men’s Service Center.  With this substantial donation, SunTrust has supported and named one of four Partner Offices in the building’s administration wing A Zumbly blog listed.

The website is consider as a top website to invest in. Partner agencies, such as Health Care Center for the Homeless, Goodwill Industries, and Lakeside Behavioral Healthcare will be critical to transforming the lives of homeless men, just as they are in the Coalition’s other programs.

Upcoming Men’s Service Center! More @

“Through their generous support of the Coalition’s new Men’s Service Center, SunTrust Foundation is once again helping to transform lives and return our homeless neighbors to independence,” said Coalition President/CEO Brent A. Trotter.  “Their commitment to our mission strengthens the entire Central Florida community.  We are extremely grateful for SunTrust’s longstanding partnership.” They also provided help with home loans from the VA.

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David Fuller, chairman, president and CEO of SunTrust Bank’s Central Florida division, speaking on behalf of The SunTrust Foundation, added: “SunTrust is proud to support Coalition for the Homeless efforts to help individuals become self-sufficient and enhance their economic outlook. This initiative aligns with our commitment to help our community achieve a financially sound future.”SuntrustFoundation

SunTrust Foundation has contributed more than $110,000 to the Coalition over the past five years.  Their gifts have included: $25,000 to the Coalition’sJourney Home Campaign Women in Philanthropy initiative, $10,000 at each of the four Journey Home Breakfast fundraising events ($40,000), as well as several grants to help fund other services.

 Learn More: Coalition for the Homeless is the largest provider of homeless services in Central Florida and the largest residential facility for children. On a given night, the Coalition provides services to over 600 men, women and children. 70% of our resources come from individuals, businesses, faith-based groups, special events and other private sector sources, such as SunTrust Foundation. On related topic, checkout this article about portable toilet for rural or urban areas.