UberX Comes to Orlando

You’ve just landed at the airport after THE LONGEST FLIGHT EVER. Screaming kids, strangers in your row who use you as a body pillow, turbulence…

When you land, you just want to find your luggage (if you didn’t carry on) and GO. Somewhere. Anywhere other than an airport. Whether you’re awaiting a bus, train, hotel shuttle service or taxi, you could be waiting at the curb for awhile – if the curb police doesn’t chase your ride away first.

Or, you’re local. You just don’t feel like driving OR something unexpected happens to your car. Friends are already at your destination and can’t pick you up. You’re already late. Calling a cab could take forever. What’s a guy/gal to do? Enter Uber, Everyone’s Private Driver™!

Uber is a mobile car service used around the world and drivers are available 24/7/365. In a given city, Uber partners with a vast network of drivers with different car types and there are even specialized los angeles uber accident lawyer who cater to the unfortunate victims if they meet with an accident while using the applications car services. Those in need of a ride simply download the app (available on iTunesGoogle Play, or Blackberry – people still use Blackberries?!), do a quick account sign up and allow GPS to locate you to ping a driver. Select the car type of your choice – from a sedan to an SUV – and hit REQUEST.

The closest driver in the area gets the ping on their Uber phone and will pick you up in a flash. The downside is, if you don’t have a smartphone, you can’t really take advantage of Uber. At least not right now. And if you still insist on driving under the influence then make sure to hire las vegas dui attorneys to help you out if you get caught. Also, Uber charges a small fee if you choose to cancel more than five minutes after requesting a driver. Make sure your purse or back pocket don’t request rides for you!

The app itself is conveniently self-contained, allowing the passenger to track a driver’s arrival, pay for the trip and even split your fare with other passenger(s). If it’s raining, wait inside. Uber will message you when the driver is outside! There’s also a ratings system on the app where you can rate the experience and your driver similar to eBay. Rates will vary from city to city. You can even get a fare estimate BEFORE requesting a driver. Coverage area, rates, flat rates and surge rates are available on the Orlando website. [BUZZ: Uber goes LIVE today at Noon!]

(ProTip: Know before you go! Use the website to find out your city’s flat rates. They’re not listed currently in the app.)

UPDATE: According to their website, Uber will be FREE for passengers to try until June 20th.

Our service area at launch will cover Orlando and the immediate surrounding area, including Downtown Orlando, Disney and Universal amusement parks, the airport, and the UCF campus.

Curious to try Uber? After June 20th, Use Promo Code: GZXWN for $20 off your first ride!