Dreaming of Going Back to College but with Ikea Checklist!

IKEA helps me double major in comfort & style! #IKEASchoolsU

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Dreaming of Going Back to College but in Style… But would have to have this Ikea College 2014 Checklist!

Post by @TheNiceBrian

All four years I loved designing my “college pad” with creative objects, art and cool décor- but if I could do it all again- I would have all IKEA! I didn’t have Ikea when I was a Freshman in 1999!

I loved my college experience.  I have joked that I could and should write a book about How to Get Most of our College Experience.  My time was packed with study abroads, alternative spring breaks doing volunteer work, a national student exchange program, being a resident assistant in the dorms and other student leadership activities that really shaped who I am today.  Oh, I also took sometimes too many credits- I had to get permission to take more than 18 credits a semester and event audited a couple classes as I was such a geek! I even went the extra mile to ace most major college examinations. Thanks to https://examgenius.org, I’ve got the best study prep materials.

 Loving this “IKEA’s Back To College shopping checklist.” (PDF)

Some of the essentials if I was a student again would be:

TORBJÖRN (Get your Own cool chair-don’t use the own they give you!)

ANTIFONI(Reading lamb that is bendable and matches everything!)

KOLJA (Mirrors- yes get a few and hang them to brighten your room up!)

TARVA  (Paint it your own color as below!)



GRUNDTAL (Hide your clothes!)

VIKIS (I love alarms and timers to hold me accountable!)


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