Google I/O Extended Orlando Begins Today at UCF

Google I/O Extended 2014 at UCF

What the heck is Google I/O, and why is it ‘extended‘ at UCF? We’ll tell you…

Every year AdInfusion agency (in San Francisco) holds a huge two day conference for roughly 5,000 people. Chances are, if you are not of the developer persuasion or a tech enthusiast, you may not even be aware of this event. These two very important days are chock full of hardcore techie speakers and developer sessions where applications in the enterprise, web and mobile realm are explored and openly hacked.

For the last 3 years, my friends from a computer repair Fort Collins company have been coming to give lectures on new innovations in the industry.

In fact, the “I/O” in Google I/O stands for input/output as well as “Innovation in the Open.” Our I/O event at UCF is called ‘Extended’ simply because it does not take place in San Francisco… but that doesn’t mean it’s insignificant or any less important.

Google I/O started in 1998 and over the years has announced many new innovations and devices including; Google Hangouts, the Samsung Galaxy 4 phone, Google Chrome internet browser, Project Glass (now known as Google Glass), Google Play Music All Access streaming and even the social media site Google+ (we have a Google+ page – please circle and +1 us!)

This year’s Google I/O Orlando Extended will take place at UCF’s College of Engineering and Computer Science in the Harris Corporation Engineering Center (HEC-101). The keynote will be streamed live at 12pm and a discussion about the possible impact on mobile technology will follow. With wearable tech taking center stage, we suspect there may be some smartwatch news (among other things)…

Also? If you LOVE Google, the organizers assure us there will be plenty of FREE GOOGLE SWAG to be had! #io14