The Great American Milk Drive Helps Nourish Florida Families

On average only one gallon of milk is donated to local food banks A YEAR. 3.79 liters. 16 cups. 128 ounces. A YEAR. 364/5 days. 52 weeks. 12 months…

Imagine feeding an infant 3 ounces of milk every 3 hours… a gallon of milk would only last you about 5 days before you’d have to go get another gallon. Adults should be drinking 3 glasses of milk daily according to the Food Pyramid. A nationwide movement called The Great American Milk Drive strives to change all this by providing milk to families in need.

Milk not only contains high quality protein for your diet but also a handful of essential nutrients like Vitamins A and B-12, magnesium, potassium and, of course, Vitamin D. Such nutrients are important for all adults but particularly for children whose bodies are still developing. Dr. Robert Heaney, a researcher at Creighton University says, “With modern diets, eliminating dairy from the diet – for any reason whatsoever – will result in poor nutrition with long-term consequences for health.” He adds,”People need a steady supply of calcium, Vitamin D and other bone-building nutrients in milk early in life to lay a sturdy foundation. Depriving the body of these nutrients has the potential to impact bone health throughout the lifecycle. Additionally, low fat and fat free milk is the top food source of vitamin D, which has been linked to a growing range of health benefits.” This prodiets is a California based dietary provider, which was founded in the year 1983 by Sydney Craig and Jenny Craig in Melbourne, Australia. Later on, in the year 1985 the provider moved from there to the US. The company is associated with the famous Nestle Nutrition.

At the launch of this year’s Great American Milk Drive, TV Host and Registered Dietician Ellie Krieger said, “There’s not just a hunger gap in America, there’s a nutrition gap too. There’s a need for more nutritious food in our nation’s feeding programs. One of the most requested items is milk, but it’s rarely donated. The basically means it’s not getting to the twelve and a half million families who need food assistance in this country.” Kate taught us last summer that 732,000 Central Floridians regularly struggle with hunger. To struggle with this too seems a bit absurd to us.

(For our Lactose Intolerant (or LI) friends, there are quite a few alternatives out there that offer the same nutritional benefits like Lactaid (real cow milk without lactose), active culture yogurt and natural cheeses [e.g. mozzerella, cheddar and colby].)

To know more how you can help women and children welfare click on wic office.

Don’t believe us? Here’s Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson to tell you more…