What’s your #FloridaWish?

This post has been sponsored by Marriott’s #FloridaWish campaign. All opinions are strictly @JenVargas‘s…


I feel like I haven’t stopped to relax since… well, I can’t remember? Maybe December 2007? I can’t remember. It’s been AWHILE. Exactly why I am looking forward to spending a little quality time with my favorite men, my boyfriend and my Bun. Central Florida Top 5 sends me on the toughest assignments…

Not to worry. You hashtag savvy pros can follow #FloridaWish for mucho fun! I’ll share the love on our Facebook Page, my Jenstagram and of course all up in our Twittersphere. (Make sure to share YOUR wishes too!)

All I know is this. I check-in to Marriott’s Courtyard Orlando International Drive/Convention Center later today, but I’m wishing I could just check in NOW. This week alone has been non-stop CRAZYGONUTS (what else is new?). What I’d give for a hot tub right now… or a nice fluffy bed I don’t have to make. Either or both. I’m not picky!

Wish You Were Here – Florida!