25 Reasons to LOVE SeaWorld!

SeaWorld Top 5 x 5 = 25!

Guest post By: Kaylin Williams be sure to follow her on Instagram: @Blessedbytheorcas

1. SeaWorld owns and operates its very own conservation fund along with Busch Gardens! This is a non-profit organization that puts its funds towards species research, habitat protection and wildlife education.

2. SeaWorld is an amazingly educational place! They have educational shows that express how intelligent and social animals really are.

3. Animals! SeaWorld has one of the largest zoological and aquarium based collection in the world! SeaWorld houses over 67,000 animals comfortably.SeaWorldTop5

4. SeaWorld’s Rescue team! They released over 23,000 animals to their natural habitat in 2013. SeaWorld just recently released their 500th manatee!

5. The shows! SeaWorld offers many spectacular animal shows! In all 3 parks they show “One Ocean” which is a show with majestic killer whales and energizing music which is all about spreading awareness about preserving the oceans we all share. There are also shows with dolphins, beluga whales, sea lions, otters, walruses and even animal ambassadors!

6. The perfect water park right on SeaWorld’s man-made coastline! Aquatica is SeaWorld’s very own water park filled with fun slides, tide pools, lazy rivers and of course, animal interactions! Enjoy best water slides via xtremejumpersandlsides.com/tampa-fl-location/.

7. The animal interaction programs! You can get up-close and personal with sea lions and beluga whales in San Antonio, Dolphins and Belugas in San Diego, Dolphins, Belugas & Rays in Orlando, Sign up for an interaction program today, put on the wetsuit, and dive into an immersive experience from a SeaWorld animal trainer’s perspective.

8. Adventure Camps! SeaWorld and Busch Gardens both offer Adventure camps, there are Day Camps for young children and Resident Camps. Resident Camps are a week long, there is Career and Advanced Career Camps. These camps are an amazing and educational experience offered in all 3 parks. Send your kid to these camps for a week and they will have learned so much through a week of behind the scene looks, fish prep and animal interactions offered nowhere else!

9.The best staff! All of SeaWorld’s trainers and ambassadors are ecstatic to answer your questions and talk about what the love to do! Go ahead and talk to an animal trainer the next time you visit, they love talking about their job!

10. Helps stimulate and keep the economy going! SeaWorld employs more than 21,000 people nationwide!

11. Longevity! SeaWorld has been entertaining families and educating the public about the wonderful creatures of the ocean for over 50 years! Go join their 50th Celebration going on now at a SeaWorld Adventure Park near you!

12. The food! SeaWorld offers in park restaurants themed like whichever stadium/theater you’re near! Like Shipwreck Cafe, SeaPort Market, Shamu’s Waterfront Grill and more!

13. You can “Dine With Shamu”! “Dine With Shamu” is a wonderful experience blending delicious eats and an educational show with Seaworld’s famous killer whales! Listen to Shamu trainers discuss the natural behaviors, diet and training techniques for these powerful animals while having lunch or dinner!

14. The rides! SeaWorld offers roller coasters that will be an amazing experience for the adrenaline rush lovers! SeaWorld also offers great rides for kids and water rides that lead to fun animal encounters!

15. Underwater Viewings! Although only offered in Orlando and San Diego, get face-to-face with SeaWorld’s killer whales, bottlenose dolphins, commerson’s dolphins, manatees, sea turtles, seals, sea lions, otters and so many more magnificent animals!

16. SeaWorld has world-class standards of care, animal habitats and animal welfare acts! SeaWorld provides behavioral enrichment, preventive health, veterinary medicine and facilities within management. They also help with research into the sustainability of marine oriental fish. SeaWorld Park’s programs and policies are within federal/state laws as well. Examples are the Animal Welfare Act, Endangered Species Act, Marine Mammal Protection Act and others. SeaWorld is also observed by OSHA, IMATA, AZA, and AMMPA.

17. Explorer’s Reef is now open in San Diego! Touch fish and other small aquatic creatures in the touch pools and explore the coral reef!

18. Roa’s Aviary in San Antonio! See hundreds of exotic and endangered birds in Aquatica’s own aviary! Touch and feed the Scarlet Ibis, Spoonbills, Sun Conures and so many other exotic and colorful birds from the walkways or the lazy river stream running through, no matter how you view it, it’ll be an immersive and unforgettable experience.

19. Discovery/Dolphin Cove! In San Diego and Orlando discover amazing dolphins, pilot whales, and false killer whales. In San Antonio visit Dolphin Cove and touch and feed Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins and Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins!

20. Sesame Street’s Bay of Play! Kids will love playing in the massive play tubes, kiddie pools, jungle gyms and water fountains! Learn more at Gyms In Longview TX

21. The Animal Tours! Go behind the scenes of SeaWorld and see animal training techniques, training sessions, fish preparation, and all the hard work that goes into the spectacular animal shows you see during park hours.

22. Souvenirs! There are so many themed gift shops around the park and even souvenir cups! You can bring these cups back to the park and get cheap refills!

23. Hotels and flights! Many hotels have partnered with SeaWorld to make people like YOU have a great vacation at SeaWorld and in your hotel! Southwest Airlines is also a SeaWorld partner so if you live in an area where you would need to fly to a SeaWorld near you, you can get there safely and comfortably.

24. Since the film ‘Blackfish’ came out, SeaWorld has gotten some backlash.(See my other article on this website “The Truth About SeaWorld Parks”) But, SeaWorld has put in a raising floor, safety nets, remote controlled gates and so many other safety  features to the stadium that trainer safety is high standard just like their animal care.

25. It’s an all inspirational place! This aquatic theme park has things that you can’t find anywhere else in the world! so get on your flippers and dive on in!

Thank you to every avid SeaWorld supporter that is here to spread awareness! Please read The Truth about SeaWorld Parks, The Blackfish Backlash

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