Moving away for the first time? Top 5 Tips to cope + Ikea Retail Therapy!

Words of wisdom and Things we want from Ikea that can “Cure” this feeling!

Are you a college student or just moving? We understand what it feels like to have to let go of things you have grown up with.

Feel the low -it’s okay to miss where you used to live but here a couple random tips from me. (Check back for more soon!)

Also here a few things we would encourage you to check out at your local Ikea!

 Bring something that reminds you of your friends and family.

Is is a blanket someone made for you or something that you can’t buy in a store? Take it!

 Take photos of things you care about and any landmarks.

In my hometown there was a lookout that I used to go to – well they put a parking lot there and Cell phone tower-it will never feel the same to me.

Also, oddly there was a piece of public art in my hometown in front of my middle school I wish I took a photo of – they tore it down a few years ago.

 Music might save you – or maybe Dancing

Make a playlist of songs that remind you of home or your friends. Buy one or 2 on itunes or listen over and over on youtube!

 Less is more-

You might be limited with space or maybe $ – so you buy less and value it more- Trust me!

Here are few things that might make you happy:

Collage frame for 15 photos: JÄLLVIK(to the right) IkeaFrame

A great Floor lamp that will make you feel “brighter”: HEKTAR

Or maybe this Lightup Stool Lamp – a great conversation piece for sure!

This great laptop bag: UPPTÄCKA

A colorful table with storage (this can be your Remember When area)

The new 2015 IKEA Catalog is here! Digital one HERE

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PS- how cool is this: “IKEA Creates A Website Inside The Instagram App”