Help Free Florida Food Trucks on HOA owned green space/property!

Petitioning Board Of County Commissioners/Orange County Zoning Commissioners

This local petition came to our attention via twitter and we wanted to be sure you saw it:

To amend the zoning rules for Berkshire Park & other Residential Communities to allow commercial vendors, specifically Food Trucks on HOA owned green space/property.

The supporters have some great reason- Read them HERE

We also received a statement from the organizer: 

We were recently on our 5th Berkshire Park Food Truck social here in Windermere when our HOA were sent a letter from Orange County Code Enforcement telling us to stop. They had received an anonymous letter from a homeowner complaining about the ongoing event

While our HOA & community love the event, code enforcement told us there is no permit as of yet, to legally host a commercial event like this, on residential properties.

Since the event has been so successful, and only one anonymous letter received against it, I decided to open this petition to show the Board Of Commissioners how much support & need for this type of event exists. Not only in Windermere but other residential neighborhoods in Central Florida.

I am asking them to put into effect a pilot program or permit, just like they had to do for Food Trucks wanting to sell within Downtown Orlando. That way, communities supporting these events can apply for a permit & adhere to any laws and rules attached to it.

Every signature helps, please find the link to this petition below & share with your friends and neighbors. Thank you



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