Greater Orlando Heart Walk Laces Up on September 6th

Each year, 1.2 million Americans will suffer a coronary attack and 700,000 will have a stroke. In Central Florida, over 4,200 deaths are caused a year due to a cardiovascular issue. By adopting a lifestyle of physical activity, individuals can reduce their healthcare costs, increase their productivity and improve their overall quality of life and longevity. That’s where the Greater Orlando Heart Walk comes into play

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WHAT:  Saturday, Sept. 6, an estimated 20,000 participants are expected to attend the Greater Orlando Heart Walk to benefit the lifesaving work of the American Heart Association. Walkers will unite to create hope, inspire change and celebrate at the University of Central Florida at Memory Mall.

WHO: Combining fitness and philanthropy, this annual walk brings together over 100 local corporate sponsors, walk teams, individual walkers, survivors of heart disease and stroke and lifestyle change heroes who are all taking steps toward a healthier lifestyle while raising funds to combat heart disease and stroke, the No. 1 and No. 4 leading killers, respectively, of American men and women.

Speakers and special guests include:

  • Heart disease and stroke survivors of all ages, lifestyle change award winners
  • Sportacus, LazyTown’s very own athletic, super-active SuperHero, SHADES from the Solar Bears and UCF’s own Knightro
  • Cardiologists, medical professionals and high-level community volunteers
  • The Fox Sports Florida Girls  — Jordana and Annilie
  • Emcees: Jayme King, FOX 35, Dana Taylor, Mix 105.1, Rick Stacy, Sunny 105.9 and Dustin Kross, AMP Radio 101.9

WHEN:  Saturday, Sept. 6 – Festivities (giveaways, entertainment, a tribute to survivors, pre-walk warm-up and more!) start at 7 a.m.Walk Kick-off at 8 a.m. at the University of Central Florida at Memory Mall – 4000 Central Florida Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32816. (It is best to arrive before 7:30 a.m. to avoid road closures and difficulty parking.) Mini-show by Sportacus at 9:15am, immediately followed by hands-only CPR training that will continue until crowds die down, or around 10 a.m.