Why You Should Attend the Next Orlando Art Critique Hosted by Parker Sketch

By Kevin Chung

Art by Parker Sketch

Art by Parker Sketch

You may not know it, but there’s a strong art community in Central Florida. There are artists all around us and they are producing some wonderful work. If you want to get involved in Orlando’s art community or you just want to check out some great art, you should go to the Orlando Art Critiques hosted by Parker Sketch. Here are five reasons you should go:

1. It’s a Good Place to Go When You Get Stuck

All artists know the feeling of getting stuck when working on their art. It’s just a part of the creative cycle. The great thing about these art critiques is, you can explain to others what you’ve been having trouble with. Just talking it out with others can get you out of a funk and give you a better direction of where to go with your art.

2.You Get Valuable Feedback From Fellow Artists

If you sign up to have your art critiqued, you will have a few minutes to explain your work. Then the floor is open to questions and comments. Most people who attend these critiques are artists themselves, so it’s a great way to get feedback from other artists. You will get opinions from artists of all kinds. They all have different perspectives that can help shape and better define your work.

3. You Get to Meet Some Extremely Talented Artists

Another great benefit of attending these critiques is getting to see the art of people in the community. Central Florida has a thriving art community and you will get a glimpse into some of the wonderful art that is being created around you. You can see some of the unique styles people have developed and the thought processes they have when creating their work. You also get the added benefit of exposure to many different styles, mediums and ideas.

4. The Open and Friendly Environment

One of the great things about these critiques is the great atmosphere. The floor is open to anyone that wants to make comments, but all the feedback is very helpful and constructive. People aren’t tearing each other down or trying to one up each other. It’s a very informal, laid back, atmosphere without strict rules, and everyone is very welcoming and encouraging. This allows all the artists to be comfortable presenting their work while getting some great feedback. It’s even great for first time presenters! Check out Display My Art for more info.

5. Get New Ideas for Your Artwork

One important part about art that many artists neglect is finding new sources of inspiration. This definitely isn’t a problem if you attend one of these Orlando art critiques. As I mentioned above, there are many different artists who present. They each have their own distinct styles, which you might not encountered before. These reviews can give you an idea for a new art piece or spark your inspiration. You can also talk directly with other artists to get new ideas about where you can take your work or find someone to collaborate with. Meeting other artists is a great way to kickstart a brand new set of ideas and possibilities, and is good for marketing purposes. For more marketing help like automation tools, read the socialpilot review here at sprout24.com. of course you can also market your work, with the right SEO company from Southern California or many other places.

If you are interested in attending the next Orlando Art Critique join the open Facebook group below:

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