Ad2Orlando lends a fin to Save the Manatee Club

by @jenvargas

[Updated 10/23/2014]

Every year, Orlando’s branch of the American Advertising Federation‘s young professionals (called Ad 2 Orlando) select a deserving local non-profit in need of marketing help and provide their full services – at NO charge. Says Ad 2 Orlando, “The development of an integrated marketing campaign for a non-profit client is part of the national Ad 2 organizaton’s fifty-year commitment to giving back to the community.” Pretty cool, right?

After combing through over 50 applications, they decided on helping Florida’s own Save The Manatee Club, who incidentally turned 33 years young this year! Their mission? To protect endangered manatees and their aquatic habitat for future generations. Considering the manatee is our state animal and many manatees die accidentally thanks to us humans and our boats, any help is an immediate benefit to these endangered animals. (I mean, seriously… LOOK AT THIS FACE.)

Save the Manatee Club may have been started here in Florida (by Jimmy Buffett and former FL Governor & US Senator Bob Graham), but their main objective is to recover and protect manatees and their aquatic ecosystems thoughout the world! Did you know September 7th is International Manatee Day?? Color me educated.

Soon Florida residents, you’ll be able to hang out (at a safe distance, of course) with some new manatee pals. It’s FINALLY starting to cool down here which means manatees will start to seek warm waters when it gets cold elsewhere. East Coast or West, Florida is a vacation favorite of theirs and according to Save the Manatee’s web page, November through March are the best times to see one. Click here for info on some of the best viewing areas!

Live elsewhere and can’t make a day trip out of it? No worries, Save the Manatee Club has you covered. Tune in to to watch 24/7 live streams and archive videos of all manatees, all the time!

Also, for your seasonal manatee viewing pleasure, Tampa Electric Company has web cams set up on Florida’s coasts and will be available for viewing on November 1st.  [Links for reference: ManaCam East  | ManaCam West]

Save the Manatee -- Adopt. Volunteer. Donate.

Our partnership with Ad 2 Orlando gives us a fresh take on all we’ve done to protect the wonderful but defenseless endangered manatee,” said Patrick Rose, aquatic biologist and Executive Director at Save the Manatee Club. “We clearly recognize how far we’ve come, but we also see how much more we must do to ensure the long-term survival of Florida’s official state marine mammal. The work to be done by the Ad 2 Orlando team will not only promote our initiatives, but also provide our organization with more tools to further our cause.

Ad 2 Orlando’s 2013-2014 Public Service Campaign donated more than 3,000 volunteer hours and $150,000 worth of media to Ribbon Riders, an Orlando-based breast cancer advocacy group. The campaign resulted in more than 14 million impressions and had a total campaign value estimated at approximately $650,000.

Ad 2 Orlando is the Central Florida chapter of the young professionals division of the American Advertising Federation.  For more informaton or specific ques0ons, please contact the Ad 2 Orlando Public Service Commitee at

Well done Ad 2 Orlando! Congratulations Save the Manatee Club!