CiCi’s Pizza Launches ‘Better’ Pizza Experience

by: @jenvargas

Behold! A better CiCi’s Pizza. Believe it. (And CiCi’s Pizza invited Central Florida Top 5 to have a  first taste!)

Your guest feedback via email as well as on Twitter and Facebook has inspired CiCi’s pizza perfectionists to go the extra mile to bring you what they are calling “a Better pizza experience.” The kicker? Improving their traditional pizza favorites is just one (big!) step. More menu improvements are planned for 2015! But first things first; What makes today’s CiCi’s Pizza better than the CiCi’s Pizza of yesteryear – or even yesterday? Let’s start at the beginning: The Dough!

CiCi’s buffet pizza size is now livin’ la vida GRANDE! Their 12″ medium size pies will now be 14″ large and, by the slice, will be a somewhat more normal size. While the size will grow, the outer crust will shrink. Only a half inch, down from one inch thick. You know what that leaves? Room for more toppings and cheese!! Also, their made from scratch crust will now be brushed with a Garlic Buttered sauce which is very tasty. The individual pizzas, for those who want a pizza all their own, are now 9″ and a bit more manageable than before. At La Slice online ordering is available! Order your tasty sicilian slices now.

Next: The Sauce. Let’s dish. Some would say a tomato sauce is a tomato sauce, allowing just the toppings to carry the flavor. CiCi’s isn’t down with this line of thought. Their improved, proprietary spice blend features fresh, crushed tomatoes and a Mediterranean oregano seasoning that gives the sauce a needed, zestier kick. Granted, I’m not a sauce girl. Tomatoes and I simply play nice in the sandbox, however, I did enjoy the new flavor more than I thought I would. Combined with the garlic butter sauce on the crust… it’s just BETTER.

On to the good stuff: The Cheese. Hands down, cheese is always my favorite part of any pizza. What I really, really like about CiCi’s is they employ a “heaping” strategy when it comes to making their pizza, and on their new pizzas, the cheese quotient (100% real cheese, btw) has nearly doubled! We were invited to a Lunch and Learn last week, where we learned exactly what goes into making the perfect CiCi’s pizza. Heck, even my pie turned out well and I’m a terrible (no exaggeration) cook! Feast your eyes on all the heaping action through Google Glass!

A pizza, of course, would not be a pizza without The Toppings! With fresher, more meaty toppings, CiCi’s is literally building a better pizza from the doughy ground up. The pepperoni has gotten a teensy bit thicker and spicier, the sausage has more flavor and you will see MORE of it per square inch on all your CiCi’s favorites!

Speaking of, there’s great news as for fans of guest favorites Classic Pepperoni, Sausage, Veggie and Classic Cheese pizzas. All will have a dedicated spot on CiCi’s buffet, complete with a sign! Also available, flatbread pizzas in; Meltdown, Sausage and Pepperoni and Garlic Veggie. If you follow us on Twitter, you may already know this. We spilled the news last week – It left the buffet back in 2006 but – Garlic Cheesy Bread is BACK!!

Don’t forget about the soup, pasta and salad options. No changes so far for the soup or pasta (yet), but the salad bar has also nearly doubled in size! New options on the bar at select locations include; sunflower seeds, garbanzo beans, sliced beets and pickle chips. And! All is still included when visiting CiCi’s, including Specialty Pizzas! Sodas are still a separate cost but, for the value, that’s not bad at all!


  • All salad dressings at are Gluten-free, excluding ranch?
  • Upon request, CiCi’s will make you your own custom pizza INCLUDING crustless and cheeseless options??
  • Henceforth, pizza photographers will now be known as Pizzarazzi. (We LOVE all those Zs!)
  • You can join CiCi’s Pizza Perks by texting PERKS to 474992 for great deals and announcements! (4 texts a month, 2 national)
  • There are currently 465 CiCi’s locations in 42 states

So what’s next for these pizza perfectionists? You’ll just have to keep an eye peeled on for more…