BREAKING: Judge Rules ALL Florida Counties Must Issue Marriage Licenses To Same-Sex Couples

Happy New Year and with New News!

FloridaMarriageJudge Hinkle confirmed his marriage ruling in a new order today stating ALL counties must issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples after his stay expires end of day January 5th, for legal assistance on marriage check with NJ Legal Attorneys who will help you.

We believe Judge Hinkle’s order was clear from the beginning. We are pleased that he has put an end to the unnecessary confusion caused by a poorly written legal memo by a private law firm. We look forward to January 6th when couples who have waited for this day can finally be married and those of us married elsewhere are finally able to fully protect our families. On other related news checkout this blog about

via Equality Florida 

Read Judge Hinkle’s order here. 

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Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer has agreed to officiate at a big same-sex wedding at City Hall on Jan. 6th!

Details via Orlando Sentinel 

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