Did you know? #PuppyBowl & #SuperBowl have Central Florida ties

By: @jenvargas

Look, I’ll be honest. I have no interest in football. Aside from team names (maybe), I couldn’t tell you the first thing about the rules, players or locales of this manly activity. BUT! There is one thing I look forward to every year at this time…

Puppy Bowl Sunday!

The Puppy Bowl started on Animal Planet back in 2005, and was a smart idea for more than one reason. First, PUPPIES. Who doesn’t love a cute, cuddly, weeks old puppy?! Second, puppies playing scrimmage – or just puppies playing with each other. Add large water bowls and fluffy tug toys into the mix… it’s cuteness overload. And while all the (very necessary) ruff, ruff, ruffness makes me want to curl up into a cuteness ball on the floor, the third reason is the most important; to find shelter dogs ‘furever’ families and permanent homes. And to also educate families about getting pet insurance. There are many dog insurance providers and we like to show you some of the options. You can get pomeraninan puppies, Yorkie, Maltese, Chihuahua, Poodle and French Bulldog puppies with exceptional personalities.

This year’s Puppy Bowl athletes came from shelter and rescue organizations in Texas, California, Puerto Rico, Virginia, Illinois and right here in Central Florida, via Saint Cloud’s Florida Little Dog Rescue to be exact! Twelve of FLLDR’s cutest represented us in the Puppy Bowl this year and one of them, Cara, was named 2015 BISSELL MVP (Most Valuable Puppy)! She was SO valuable, Cara won MVP twice!!

Also, big shout out to my pal @MeepTheBird! Meep knows EVERYTHING there is to know about Puppy Bowl… and tweets it!

Oh, and that ‘other’ bowl happening involving football? It also has a local connection! Two of them; one you ceremoniously flip and the other you’ll flip over! The Highland Mint, out of Melbourne, crafted this year’s Super Bowl Flip Coin! What you may not have known is, Highland has also minted nearly half of the Super Bowl’s official flip coins since opening their doors in the 1980s. They sell replicas too, for that huge football fan in your life.

Our second connection to the Super Bowl is thanks to 12 year old Bobby Sena from Hunter’s Creek Middle School! He submitted this video to the NFL’s Play 60 Super Bowl contest telling them why he deserved to be the 2015 Super Kid.

I have actually started a few clubs at my elementary school and middle school, and some in my community,” Bobby says. “Pretty much why I started those was because I really wanted to make a difference. I really wanted to express my passion which was going outside, playing for sixty minutes and eating healthy as well.” And his efforts don’t stop there. “I really think that being a Super Kid doesn’t just limit you to playing for sixty minutes and eating healthy but also giving as much effort as you can in school, academics as well as being nice to others.” You’ve got a great head on your shoulders, Bobby! Keep doing good by inspiring others!

Oh, and one more thing. Many on Twitter have weighed in on both the Kitty Half-Time Show with Katty Furry and the Super Bowl Half Time show featuring Katy Perry with Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliott. What’s your take? Tweet us or share your opinions in the comments below. Also, if you HAD to vote, who’s show was better?